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Drug & Alcohol Rehab in Winchester

Anyone can suffer from drug and alcohol addiction. If you or your loved one is battling addiction be it cocaine, meth or alcohol, all hope is not lost. The first step in recovery is accepting your situation and then going forth to find a lasting solution.

As soon as you discover that you have a drug or alcohol problem, you should contact a drug & alcohol rehab in Winchester for help.

Get Professional Help from Drug & Alcohol Rehabs in Winchester

Trying to quit from drug and alcohol abuse can be a difficult, frustrating and even a dangerous undertaking when done alone. You will experience cravings, withdrawal symptoms and relapses from time to time.

If you have tried countless times to stay clean but realize that you keep failing, you are not alone. Instead of giving up, look for help from professionals. Seeking help from a drug & alcohol rehab in Winchester will not only address your addiction but also help you deal with underlying issues that fuel your addiction.

What to Expect at Your Drug & Alcohol Rehab in Winchester

When you visit a drug and alcohol rehab in Winchester, you will be offered treatment depending on a couple of factors. Your treatment options will depend on the type of drug you are addicted to, the length of usage as well as the severity of your addiction. You can expect the below treatments to help you kick your habit while at the rehab.

1. Detoxification

Detoxification is always the first step when you are trying to quit drug and alcohol addiction. It involves getting rid of whatever drug or alcohol you are hooked to from your system.

You will gradually be withdrawn from your drug or alcohol, and you may experience withdrawal symptoms. However, you will have the support and care of medical personnel to help you.

Medication may be used to manage your cravings and withdrawal symptoms. Usually, you will be weaned off medication as your symptoms and cravings reduce.

Since your detoxification will take place within the premises of your drug and alcohol rehab in Winchester, you don’t have to worry about external triggers that may jeopardize your sobriety. While detoxification is crucial to quitting substance abuse, you still need to make changes to your lifestyle in order for you to completely be free.

2. Counselling and Therapy

The next step after detoxification involves tackling the psychological aspect of your addiction. Counselling and behavioural therapies are provided to help you deal with negative thoughts and emotions that trigger you to either use drugs or drink alcohol.

Counselling helps you build a strong character, undo psychological effects of substance use and also change your attitude about drug use. It is a great way to develop life skills that will come in handy when you are finally done with your rehab.

Counselling also helps you deal with underlying mental issues that may be driving you to substance abuse such as depression and anxiety.

Therapies can either be individual or done in a group. A common therapy option is Cognitive Behavioral Therapy that focuses on uncovering and dealing with problematic thoughts associated with your addiction.

Experiential therapy, on the other hand, incorporates the use of outdoor recreational activities to help you suppress and handle unwanted emotions and thoughts. You may also receive multi-dimensional family therapy to strengthen your family’s system and lower your chances of relapse.

3. Medication

Your drug & alcohol rehab in Winchester will give you medication in the detoxification stage. Medication may be necessary to reduce cravings, relieve withdrawal symptoms and treat underlying mental conditions like depression. Usually, medications are often offered to people addicted to opioids and alcohol to help in reducing their chances of relapse.

What Next after you Complete your Treatment at the Rehab?

After leaving your drug & alcohol rehab in Winchester, you don’t cease to get the support you need to restructure your life. You will be given aftercare support to ensure you don’t go back to your old habits through an extensive aftercare program. There are numerous weekly support meetings and sessions that you can attend to help you after your treatment and the good thing is, they are free.

Take the First Step to become Drug & Alcohol-Free

You can beat your addiction by taking charge of your life and becoming proactive in seeking professional assistance. Contact us today for more information on reliable and effective drug & alcohol rehab in Winchester.


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