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Drug & Alcohol Rehab in Portsmouth

If people feel ready to break away from addiction, they will find help available in drug & alcohol rehab in Portsmouth. Some individuals prefer to go it alone, but this will usually reduce the likelihood of them remaining caught in addiction. The reality is that most people who are trying to leave alcohol or drug abuse behind them without alcohol rehab will relapse within the first couple of days of them quitting. By choosing help such as rehab the individual will greatly increase their chances of success.

The Benefits of Alcohol and Drug Rehab

There are some good options for rehab facilities available for people dealing with addiction in the Portsmouth area. The reason why some of these individuals will fail to choose this option is that they do not realise the benefits of this type of treatment program such as:

  • These facilities provide a therapeutic environment. This means that rehabs are designed to be supportive and encouraging of the individual’s attempt to quit the addiction. This environment is also nurturing to the person’s growth as a person who no longer needs alcohol or drugs in order to deal with life
  • A rehabilitation centre gives the individual access to a team of professionals who will be able to assist them in developing the motivation to change, and then make the necessary changes in their life
  • It is often stated that the time spent in alcohol and drug addiction centres give the individual a firm basis in their recovery. What this means is that the person will have all the tools they need to take their recovery to the next level
  • Most people who try to give up an addiction alone will relapse during the first few weeks. By spending their time in an alcohol rehab the individual will greatly increase their chances of making it to long term sobriety
  • The aim of this type of facility is not just to deal with the symptoms of addiction. The most important thing will be to root cause of the behaviour because if this is not dealt with the person will either relapse or fall into other addictive behaviours

The Need for Drug & Alcohol Rehab Centres

In order for the individual to be ready for rehab, they will first need to pass through detox. There are many rehabs that provide detox beds, but there are some facilities where the individual will be expected to have already passed through withdrawals before they will be allowed in this stage of the program.

Trying to go through detox alone is not much fun, and there are some good reasons for why the individual will want to go through a proper detox centre including:

  • The time when the individual will be most at risk of relapse is when they are going through withdrawals. The discomfort associated with their symptoms will be enough to convince them that a return to their addiction is the best option. When the individual is in a drug or alcohol detox centre they will be supported during this difficult time – thus greatly increasing their chances of being successful
  • These detox beds will be medically supervised. This means that the team will usually be able to prescribe pharmaceutical agents that are designed to ease withdrawal symptoms and make the whole process easier
  • Those individuals who have been using alcohol or barbiturates long term are at risk of a severe type of withdrawals known as delirium tremens (DTs). These symptoms can be life-threatening so it is vital that they are medically supervised
  • The individual can begin preparing for life in recovery. They will be able to start therapy sessions and other recovery modalities while they are still going through the withdrawal process

What to Expect of Alcohol and Drug Rehab in Portsmouth

One of the reasons why people can feel hesitant about going to rehab is that they have no idea about what to expect. It can sound like a scary place, and the individual may worry that there is a risk of becoming institutionalised. The reality of rehab is usually a lot different from what the person is imagining it will be like. Some of the things they can expect will include:

  • In most private rehabs the client will get their own rooms. Some of these places even offer en suite facilities and a TV in the room
  • It is well known that humans are strongly influenced by their environment. If the client is uncomfortable in rehab, they are unlikely to be able to get the most out of the experience. This is why private alcohol and drug rehabilitation centres will put a great deal of effort into ensuring that clients experience a high degree of comfort – some of these places are very luxurious indeed
  • Many rehabs feel more like shared homes than institutions. In fact, some of them look exactly like homes from the outside
  • The individual will often be allowed to have a mobile phone, and they may be able to have visitors
  • The staff members in these facilities are always expected to treat clients with respect and dignity. Their job is to empower the individual and not tell them what to do
  • These facilities will usually offer different stages of treatment. After the person has passed through detox and primary rehab they may be given to option of going to a third stage where they will receive continued support in a residential program

Importance of Aftercare

It is vital that people leave rehab with adequate support. If they fail to get the aftercare they need the person will be highly likely to relapse. This support in the next stage of recovery can take many different forms. It could involve further drug and alcohol counselling or some other form of therapy. In many instances, the individual will choose to join a 12 Step recovery fellowship. This is often a good option because this will not only provide them with adequate support going forward but also a program for living.

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