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How We Work With Rehab Clinics

Private rehabilitation is a form of specialised care for those who require immediate intervention for their addiction. Rehab can help treat a variety of addictions, including illicit and prescription drugs, alcoholism, or behavioural addictions. Some rehab clinics offer services for other mental health conditions such as PTSD, behavioural conditions, eating disorders, gambling addictions or anger management.

The rehab centres we work with are all CQC registered, which means they meet all government requirements and are dedicated to providing you with the highest quality rehabilitation services. Each rehab clinic has medical facilities which assist residents with a medically-assisted detox. This comes with a fully licenced and secure dispensary, meaning access to life-saving medication is never far away.

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What Are Rehab Clinics/ Centres?

Our rehab clinics also have a wealth of therapies, both holistic, cognitive and alternative. Psychotherapy and counselling are a main component of rehab, and our on-site therapists and psychologists will be with you every step of the way. Private rehab also boasts luxury accommodation, a spa and gym, and usually beautiful grounds to encourage outdoor wellness and exercise.

Rehab is the place where your old, dangerous habits are observed and undone. Your compulsions to take addictive drugs and consume alcohol in harmful amounts will be discussed and understood through a variety of therapies. More so, rehab aims to facilitate you with the tools and skills needed in the outside world to ensure a long-lasting and wholesome life of sobriety.

What Are My Rehab Clinic Options?

The general process for rehab is the same rehab option you choose. It’s important to remember that there’s no ‘one size fits all’ approach, and some programmes will work better for others.

Your rehab options are below:

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How We Work With Rehab Clinics

We offer addiction treatment services for a wealth of addictions including drugs, alcohol, prescription drugs, and behavioural addictions. Our main objective is to help individuals who are struggling with addiction find the best rehab for their needs. Each treatment programme is tailored to address specific needs and requirements. This is why we work with hundreds of private rehab clinics across the UK and overseas.

When we discuss our addiction rehab clinics, we are referring to the multitude of high-end private rehab and detox centres that operate independently. We have, over the years of service, formed very close and trusted relationships with these centres.

These strong relationships have enabled us to help thousands of people into recovery, and away from the addictions that plighted their lives and families. Fuelling this relationship is a desire to help those struggling with addiction, and when we see results, it brings us shared joy and pride that our work is being done correctly.

Discover your rehab options

The Initial Evaluation

The first step of your recovery process with us begins with a phone call to our helpline. This call will be taken at one of our many referral centres by a member of staff who has been highly trained in both communication and addiction requirements.

Here, we will ask you a series of questions relating to your addiction, which include:

  • The severity and nature of your dependence/ addiction
  • The amount of time you have been using drugs/ alcohol for
  • Your medical history including any health issues
  • Any other additional needs

This information will all be stored confidentially and will only be used in the process of creating your addiction treatment plan. No third parties, including your family or employers, can access this private information you provide us.

Following this, we will discuss your needs with our psychologists and addiction treatment specialists, who will then create a personalised treatment schedule for your needs. This will include a recommendation for rehab, which therapies you could benefit from, and any medication that will assist the withdrawal process.

We will then relay this information back to you and will invite you to one of the rehab centres that we work closely with. Each step will be explained to you in detail, and you will have the opportunity to ask our staff and addiction experts any questions.

It is of high importance that during this initial evaluation, you answer the questions honestly. There will be no shame or judgement involved – only the truth, so we can best assist you with the required services.

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Admissions Process For Our Rehab Clinics

One of the many advantages of private rehabilitation is the speed with which your admission can be processed. Below we have set out the admission schedule, which could all happen within as little as 24 hours:

1. Phone call: Stage 1 involves the initial call to our helpline which we outlined above. This will give us an indication of the severity of your addiction, and an insight into your medical past.

2. Referral: stage 2 requires a formal referral letter from your GP which includes information on your medical history, your addiction, and any health requirements or concerns your doctor may have. Our team of psychiatrists and medical staff will be able to formally and legally communicate with your GP if any further information or consent is required.

3. Pre-admission assessment: stage 3 is about preparing you for the journey to sobriety ahead. This involves a full psychological and medical assessment, which is essential before completing any of our programmes. This is to ensure that we are meeting all of your needs, both mentally and physically. The assessment determines whether the treatment recommended is suitable for your needs. Depending on the circumstance, assessments can be carried out either in person or via telephone.

4. Confirmed booking: stage 4 completes the admissions process, where you will arrange your rehab start time and date. Travel should be arranged during this stage.

5. Preparation: stage 5 can be completed in the hours between stage 4 and attending the rehab clinic in person. We will send out an admission pack containing details of what to pack, what not to bring, and what can be expected once you arrive at our rehab facility.

The Rehab Clinic Process Once You’re In

Whichever type of rehab you choose, the process, once you’re in, follows a general pattern that must be followed in order to achieve sobriety. We have discussed these steps below:

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What You Will Receive From Our Service

Our drug and alcohol rehab programmes are generally delivered as an initial 28-day schedule. This includes you staying at one of our many luxurious treatment facilities across the UK, where you will have access to gym, leisure and spa facilities, as well as access to alternative therapies and holistic models of healing.

You will be fully supported by our dedicated staff and trained nurses who will be on hand 24-7 to offer medication or healthcare advice. This can be especially helpful during detoxification and comes as part of our medically-assisted detox package. Here you will be made to feel as comfortable as possible and will be under the care of top doctors and physicians who know your symptoms inside out.

Peer support through group therapy, by people in a similar situation, will be one of the foundations of your recovery. The environment this provides is perfect for obtaining and maintaining sobriety, with people who understand each other’s feelings and experiences. You will be placed in a trigger-free environment, away from all your past habits and haunts.

The therapies we offer are also a fundamental part of your recovery, and these include couples and family therapy, group therapy with your peers, and a range of psychotherapies. The latter has been proven to be highly effective in treating addiction and encompasses cognitive-behavioural therapy, motivational interviewing, acceptance commitment therapy, and dialectical behavioural therapy.

Is Our Work With Rehab Clinics Effective?

In the decades we have been helping individuals overcome addiction, thousands have passed through the doors of our rehab centres as changed people into a life of sobriety. In our opinion, residential rehab is the only option for recovery as it provides a completely neutral and stress-free environment.

Although contraindications exist as to whether addiction can be ‘cured’, the work we do is certainly something of the sort. We provide you with relapse prevention techniques, skills to build new relationships and fix broken ones, and most of all, respect and love for your own sobriety.

Addiction treatment at a private facility reduces the risk of relapsing in the community by half, which is the focal point of recovery. We provide you will all the skills you need to maintain a sober life and live happily, addiction-free.

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