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About ADT Healthcare

Welcome to ADT Healthcare. We are an international addiction treatment provider offering a free, unbiased guidance service for people looking for treatment for all types of addiction and related mental health issues.

We help both addicts and their families and loved ones of all ages to deal with addiction and the consequential effects, offering services for all budget and locations.

We specialise in treating all kinds of addiction and related mental health issues for all ages, including teenage addiction. The range of addictions we deal with vast, from alcoholism, drug addiction and chemical dependency (legal highs and prescription medication), to process and behavioural addictions, such as gambling, gaming, sex and love, codependency, eating disorders and more.

Teenage addictions can include any of the previously mentioned, but most commonly involve trauma, depression and anxiety; all of which we help treat.

ADT Healthcare works with clinics and rehabilitation centres to carefully match people to the right care and therapy that they need. Our services offer pre-assessment, treatment planning, intervention, rehab advice and aftercare. We can also arrange immediate admission with all the private rehab clinics throughout the UK and a selection abroad.

If you are a clinic that offers therapy for addictions then get in touch with us to discuss how we could work together to bring your help and advice to the people that are most in need.

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