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Drug & Alcohol Rehab in the Isle of Wight

Getting help for a substance abuse problem in the Isle of Wight is not too difficult once the individual reaches a point where they are willing to change. The problem is that many addicts are ambivalent about their behaviour. On one hand they do want to escape the addiction but on the other hand, they do not want to break away from alcohol and drugs completely.

What will usually happen is that the individual will have times when they behave particularly badly as a result of their addiction and they will feel full of remorse. They make promises to quit and will often be earnest about this. The problem is that if this person delays the pain and shame of their latest downfall will fade, and they will lose their willingness to quit.

The option of things like drug and alcohol rehab will no longer be something that they are willing to consider. It is therefore vital to always act as soon as people become willing to end the addiction.

Treatment for Alcohol and Drug Addiction in the Isle of Wight

The options for people seeking help with alcohol and drug addiction in the Isle of Wight would include:

  • In most situations, it will be beneficial for the individual to spend some time in a rehabilitation centre. This is particularly important for those individuals who have been abusing alcohol or drugs long term and may be at risk of relapse. A detox clinic will be able to ensure that the individual passes through withdrawals safely
  • Some people will find that joining a 12 Step group is a good way to stay committed to recovery. Even if people do wish to follow this path they will still benefit from spending time in rehabilitation centres, as this will give them a firm foundation on which to build the rest of their recovery
  • Therapy sessions can help the individual come to terms with their situation

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