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Cannabis Addiction

ADT-Healthcare offers specialised and effective treatment for people suffering from cannabis addiction. This treatment takes place at a residential rehab centre. When you attend ADT-Healthcare’s cannabis rehab centre, you receive treatment that’s designed to help you overcome your addiction to cannabis and then help you remain cannabis-free for the rest of your life.

What is cannabis?

Cannabis is extracted from a plant known as ‘cannabis satvia.’ This plant grows in hot climates such as North Africa and South Asia. However, given advancements in heating technology, the cannabis plant is now grown in attics and cellars throughout the United Kingdom.

Cannabis is commonly smoked in cigarettes known as ‘joints.’ However, cannabis may also be consumed via the use of a pipe. This is often known as a ‘bong.’

A psychological addiction

When you consume cannabis on a regular basis, a psychological dependency for the drug may arise. When cannabis is consumed, the user feels ‘high’. This is because cannabis is a depressant since it affects neurotransmitters located in the brain.

Psychological problems instigated through the use of cannabis consumption include paranoia, depression, insomnia and anxiety. In extreme circumstances, cannabis use may also cause a life-altering condition such as schizophrenia. Physical side effects of long term cannabis consumption include high blood pressure and lung disease.

Signs you may be addicted to cannabis

If you or a loved one consume cannabis, you may be concerned an addiction has arisen. If so, you may wonder what are the signs and symptoms of a cannabis addiction so you may confirm this suspicion.

Below, we list a number of signs and symptoms you may consider when diagnosing the existence of a cannabis addiction:

  • You are unable to sleep at night unless cannabis is consumed
  • You continue to take cannabis even though you promised yourself you wouldn’t
  • Your cannabis consumption is interfering with your social and professional life
  • You are unable to control cravings for cannabis
  • When cannabis is not consumed, you experience a range of psychological withdrawal symptoms

Getting help for your addiction

If you answered YES to any of the above, consider contacting ADT Healthcare now for free and confidential advice. Once you’ve broken free from cannabis use, we guarantee you will live a happier and more fulfilling life.

When you contact ADT Healthcare for cannabis rehabilitation, we help you select a treatment centre in your area that best suits your unique needs. Researching and then selecting an appropriate treatment provider for cannabis addiction is often time-consuming and confusing. Let ADT-Healthcare conduct this research on your behalf so you focus your mind on your upcoming treatment programme.

Contact Us Today

When you contact ADT Healthcare, we ensure you select a rehabilitation centre for cannabis addiction that will effectively and quickly lead you down the path to a cannabis-free future.

For more information, contact ADT-Healthcare today on 0800 138 0722 or contact us through this website.

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