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Teenage Addiction

Although there is no conclusive evidence to suggest why the teenage brain is so susceptible to addiction, there have been several scientific studies that have displayed evidence of fundamental differences between the adolescent brain and the adult brain. Addiction is a tricky thing to understand and discuss, especially if you have never suffered yourself and therefore any insight, no matter how small, may help you to help your children before it is too late.

Many of the studies undertaken on addiction and specifically teenage addiction yield similar results and can help to give us an important insight into why addressing addictive behaviour is crucial at an early stage.

The Underlying Issues

Studies have shown that adolescent brains react more strongly to stress than those of adults and this can, therefore, cause teens to make decisions that may seem irrational or ill-advised. When considering this piece of vital information alongside the problem of teenage addiction, it can easily be seen how experimentation with drugs or certain behaviours can ultimately lead to abuse.

Many young people play games, go out shopping and drink alcohol on a regular basis and when done responsibly, can be enjoyable activities.

Unfortunately, if a teen begins to suffer from depression, anxiety or any other type of mental illness, then they may frequently look towards these ‘pleasurable activities’ to escape from issues they may be faced with.

Repetitive gaming or alcohol consumption may on the surface just seem like a phase or period that your son or daughter is going through, however, it could also be the early signs of teenage addiction.

Try to understand that although your teen may be upset, angry or depressed over seemingly small issues, to them the situation appears far worse. If you’re worried that your child may be suffering from teenage addiction, then try seeing things from their perspective. Doing this will help you to empathise more and could result in your teenager opening up to you and coming to terms with their addiction.

Understanding and Empathy

No matter what age they are, those suffering from addiction will often hide their substance abuse or behaviours because they are ashamed of them. This is a classic sign of both adult and teenage addiction and is why empathy and understanding are so important if you want to help someone open up about their problems and seek help.

Helping a teenager out of addiction early will stop it from becoming an illness for life. As your teenager’s brain develops into an adult one, they may begin to see their actions and behaviours as normal but with professional rehabilitation and counselling, both you and your child’s life can begin to return to normal.

It is important to always seek professional help when dealing with any type of substance or behavioural abuse, as both the present addiction and root of the problem must be improved. Without this combination, your child’s addiction is likely to resurface later in life.

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