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Drug & Alcohol Rehab in Gravesend

Is you or your loved one suffering from a drug or alcohol addiction in Gravesend? Have you been looking for a rehab centre and can’t seem to find the right one? We offer high-quality alcohol and drug rehab services in Gravesend.

No matter the extent of your addiction, we can help you get rid of it. The professionals we work with are recognised across the UK for their contribution in this field, and therefore, you can be assured of the best possible treatment.

Where does the treatment start?

If you have chosen to go on your recovery journey with us, you start with what we call as the pre-admission evaluation. During this part of the process, you call us through 0800 138 0722 and set aside five minutes of your time.

We then ask you several questions concerning your addiction to figure out your exact needs. After that, we match you to the most suitable drug & alcohol rehab in Gravesend. You then join this rehab centre for around ten to twenty-eight days where you will go through various forms of treatment.

The time spent in this facility depends on the extent of your addiction and the severity of withdrawal symptoms. For addicts with other issues such as depression and anxiety, they may need 28 days for successful treatment.

Detox is a crucial part of the process

After joining a rehabilitation facility, the first step towards freeing you from addiction is detoxification. This programme aims to deal with the physical part of your addiction. The detox duration depends on the substance you were abusing.

For people struggling with alcohol addiction, the detox programme may take around 5-7 days for completion. If you have a methadone or heroin addiction, you may need about 12 days for successful detoxification.

No matter the drug you were using, one thing you can be assured of is that you’ll get 24/7 medical attention from knowledgeable professionals. Some of these medical professionals are psychiatric nurses and psychiatrists.

They will also prescribe medications aimed at reducing your withdrawal symptoms during this part of the treatment process.

Therapy and counselling for addiction victims

Even after going through a detox programme, the treatment isn’t over yet; you must go through therapy and counselling sessions aimed at dealing with the psychological part of your addiction. These sessions are done by a well-educated psychiatrist who is experienced in handling addiction victims.

Some of the therapies involved are dialectical behavioural therapy (DBT) and cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT). The psychiatrist helps the addict to identify and isolate thoughts which may have brought the addiction.

After the identification and isolation of these negative thoughts, an individual is taught how to manage them in ways that don’t involve substance use.

Holistic and nutritional therapies

There are lots of things that play a part in a successful recovery journey. One of these things is their nutrition. During their time in a drug & alcohol rehab in Gravesend, patients also get nutritional advice. They are advised to stop taking caffeine and eating sugary foods.

Other than nutritional advice, other things you may find in a Gravesend rehab centre are holistic therapies.

Examples of these are music therapy, art therapy, Reiki, yoga, reflexology, and meditation. These techniques help a patient deal with stress and depression, which often to drug or alcohol abuse.

Another important thing about going to a rehab centre is that you’re equipped with all the necessary knowledge to help you avoid a relapse. For instance, you’re taught about addiction, how it occurs, and its worst risks.

Once you’re out, this knowledge will help you avoid drugs or alcohol through all means possible. You will learn several strategies to keep yourself away from harmful substances and live a better, happier life.

Across the UK, many people have ruined their lives because of drug or alcohol addiction. Others have even died because their bodies couldn’t cope. Don’t be a part of this; get professional help and start living a healthier, fulfilling life.

While some people may choose to stop their addiction on their own, this isn’t always effective. The wisest decision is enrolling in a rehab facility where you’re surrounded by professionals and other like-minded addiction patients.

Get in touch with us at ADT Healthcare through 0800 140 4690 for assistance.

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