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Drug and Alcohol Rehab in Kent

If you suffer from drug or alcohol addiction, you may wonder what possible difference attending rehab may bear for your long-term well-being and recovery.

In reality, overcoming addiction to drugs and alcohol is not an easy undertaking. Studies indicate that less than 40% of people attempting recovery for the first time succeed in this endeavour. Whilst help is available, you must be willing to put in the hard work in order to achieve your long-term recovery goals. Currently, there does not exist a ‘cure’ for addiction. It is unlikely that any such cure will ever exist. Why? Because addiction is essentially a disease of the mind.

Whilst there does not exist a ‘cure’ for addiction, there does exist an abundance of therapy and counselling techniques that help you to understand and manage your addiction. Whilst the risk of relapse will exist for the rest of your life, you can effectively manage your addiction through abstinence. This means you simply control your addiction by choosing to not undertake in the addictive behaviour. This helps you arrest your addiction, rather than cure your addiction.

How we can help

Obviously, this is easier said than done. But thanks to modern therapy and relapse prevention techniques, you can really take back control of your life without feeling the need to continue to engage with addictive behaviours.

You may wonder how you may access this treatment in Kent. Over the last decade, ADT Healthcare has developed a vast network of addiction treatment providers in Kent. We essentially exist to help you locate and then select the best possible addiction treatment provider in Kent that specifically caters to your precise needs.

How do we determine your needs? By carrying out a brief initial assessment when you contact us on 0800 138 0722. Each treatment provider in Kent offers a unique pathway to recovery.

Treatment options in Kent

For instance, some of these treatment centres are 12-step based, whilst others focus on holistic, cognitive and behavioural therapies. The most suitable approach will largely depend on your personal characteristics, your wishes and any possible dual diagnosis that gets flagged up during the assessment.

Free telephone assessment

Before we advise you on possible treatment solutions in Kent, we must be satisfied that you are totally committed to change. We feel it would be immoral of us to recommend treatment to you when you are not entirely committed to changing your life for the better.

During the initial assessment, we ask questions designed to prove your commitment to your recovery. If we feel you are holding back due to denial, we will initially assist by helping you overcome these feelings of denial.

In Kent, there currently exists more than five hundred different treatment options. This means there is a risk that you could inadvertently select a poorly suited treatment provider. Selecting the most appropriate treatment provider makes all the difference for your long-term recovery prospects. To ensure you do not select a poorly suited treatment provider, please contact ADT Healthcare today on 0800 138 0722.

Ensuring you attend a suitable treatment programme

Our knowledgeable advisors have gained a detailed understanding of the various treatment options existing in Kent today, and we are confident that we will be able to apply this knowledge to the information you provide during the initial assessment.

Unfortunately, many people suffering from an addiction to drugs and alcohol will not have at hand sufficient resources to carry out a detailed enquiry into the various treatment options that exist in Kent. This requires resources in terms of time and energy. Attempting to carry out this research unaided may delay or even put off your decision to attend rehab entirely. You may simply shift this burden on to us by contacting us for free on 0800 138 0722.

At ADT Healthcare, we are truly the experts when it comes to helping you seek out the most appropriate form of addiction treatment. When you contact us, you save time, energy and sanity. You may invest this energy and time into your recovery goals instead.

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