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Drug & Alcohol Rehab in Canterbury

It’s imperative that you get the help you need as early as possible when struggling with addiction. Drug and alcohol addiction can consume your life on personal and professional levels. It can take away from your enjoyment of time with family and friends and interfere with your ability to do your work properly.

And, no matter how much you try to hide it, those who know you the best, are eventually going to learn you are going through something troubling.

Before it gets to this point, it’s best for you to reach out to a drug & alcohol rehab in Canterbury facility for help!

What do the Best Residential Treatment Facilities Offer?

You might think you can do it on your own, but you’ll quickly learn it is not possible. Since you are dealing with a physical and mental block, you aren’t going to know the right approach to take to stop using. You won’t know how to deal with the emotional conflicts you’re struggling with. A residential facility knows how to handle those emotional conflicts, and will also help get you through the physical roadblocks as withdrawals begin to kick in as well.

Some of the benefits of choosing a residential program to treat your addiction include

  • 1-2-1 counselling options
  • Group sessions for mild addiction cases
  • Patients are placed in their own en suite and have wide open space to roam in a calming environment
  • 12-step program to help you focus on all stages of addiction and combatting it
  • Group therapies and holistic treatments if necessary.

Not all addiction is the same. What one person struggles through, the next individual might not. A drug & alcohol rehab in Canterbury facility is going to know how to properly tailor a program that’s suited to each individual, their addictions, and treating their condition.

You have Around the Clock Support

Another major benefit that a drug & alcohol rehab in Canterbury facility is going to provide to patients is 24/7 support. If you feel you are going through withdrawals at 2 AM and need medical attention, you are going to receive it.

Or, if you just need to talk to a professional and need some advice about how to deal with stress once you leave the residential facility, you are going to have access to these support portals as well.

Patients will receive counselling and guidance for the duration of their treatment in the residential drug & alcohol rehab in Canterbury facility. And, most of the top facilities are also going to provide patients with post-treatment assistance as well.

In the event, a patient needs advice or feels they are close to a relapse, they are going to receive the support they require to avoid that.

The Treatment for All Addiction

Drug and alcohol addiction comes in so many forms. For some, it is cocaine, heroin, or other “hard” drugs. Others are addicted to marijuana or even prescription medications. In some cases, a patient is suffering from alcohol addiction due to a major loss in their life, or a traumatizing experience they went through.

No matter what the addiction, or how severe it may be, there is no single way to go about treating every individual in the same exact manner. This is why patients will benefit from a residential drug *& alcohol rehab in Canterbury treatment plan.

Treatment duration will vary in each case and the treatment methodologies employed are going to differ for every patient. But, you can be rest assured that in a residential program, you’re receiving the best treatment, from those who want to help you, and have the experience to help you get clean for good.

If you have tried every method to kick your addiction with no success, it might be time to consider a residential drug & alcohol rehab in Canterbury treatment facility. In addition to professional guidance, you’ll receive the support you haven’t received elsewhere.

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