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Alcohol Rehab in Scotland

ADT Healthcare is a free information helpline for people seeking drug and alcohol treatment in Scotland. At ADT Healthcare, we proceed to assist you in your search for quality treatment by initially carrying out a free telephone assessment. During this assessment, we attempt to gauge the exact nature of your addiction and the extent of your issues. Armed with this information, we are then better-placed in recommending the most suitable treatment options for you in Scotland.

About our free service

At ADT Healthcare, we maintain a network of partner treatment centres across Scotland and the Scottish Isles. However, we are wholly independent of treatment centres we recommend you to. This means we only recommend particular treatment providers based on merit and their suitability for treating your special needs and requirements.

Following the completion of your initial telephone assessment, we then draw on our extensive database of treatment providers across Scotland to ensure only the most suitable and effective providers are selected. This selection is based on the set of facts and circumstances you disclose during the initial assessment process.

How we select treatment centres

All of the treatment providers we recommend in Scotland meet our high standards in terms of detoxification services, counselling, therapy and aftercare. All centres are regulated by the Care Inspectorate. We review each centre’s annual Care Inspectorate Report to ensure these standards are being met on an ongoing basis. If we feel any centre is not meeting these standards, we will discontinue to promote them to our callers. This ensures you receive your addiction treatment in a safe and caring environment.

When you attend a residential treatment centre in Scotland, you will receive a professional standard of care and attention. Each treatment programme is fully tailored to meeting your precise needs. Our partner treatment centres offer a nurturing approach to addiction treatment. Raising your sense of self-worth and self-esteem is the primary goal throughout the treatment process.

All of our partner rehab centres in Scotland meet the highest standards of cleanliness and sanitation. You will benefit from rehab centres that are set in highly comfortable and even luxurious environments. Each centre we refer to maintains a healthy client-to-staff member ratio. This ensures you receive a maximum amount of care and attention throughout your stay.

What happens once we complete the call

Before you attend the treatment facility, you will complete a thorough pre-admission assessment. This will take place by the treatment centres themselves, although the process may carry many similarities to the assessment we conduct when you first contact us.

During the pre-admission assessment, details concerning your medical history will be sought to ensure your treatment programme reflects your needs. However, a GP’s referral is not generally required. This means your attendance at a private rehabilitation centre is not recorded on your official medical history.

Admissions and the entry process

Following the completion of the pre-admission assessment, you will then be given an admission date. Depending on availability, this date may be the same day you completed the pre-admission assessment. This means you are not required to submit to a lengthy waiting list before you are eligible to gain admission into a Scottish rehab centre.

Upon admission, you will be assessed by a specialist doctor known as a psychiatrist. The doctor will subscribe you with medication designed to treat drug or alcohol-related withdrawal symptoms. You will continue to take this medication for around 5-10 days following your initial admission date. At a set time each day, the centre’s clinical team will dispense your medication. This process is known as clinical detoxification.

You will also benefit from 24/7 medical observation during this time. This is because detoxification carries the risk of a number of medical complications such as seizure and cardiac arrest. However, the medication you consume during your detoxification programme significantly reduces the risk of these complications from occurring in the first instance.

Post-detox therapy sessions

Upon the completion of your detoxification programme, you will begin to join counselling and therapy sessions. These sessions are designed to ‘ease’ you in slowly. For instance, you will begin to tackle emotional issues through the use of less invasive forms of therapy. These include art therapy and music therapy.

As you begin to make good progress in therapy, you will eventually tackle your issues more directly. This is achieved using a variety of ‘talking therapies’ such as Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and psychotherapy. These sessions are conducted in groups or one-to-one with a therapist.

Contact us today for more information

For more information on our free information service, contact ADT Healthcare today for more information. We will initially begin the call by conducting a quick assessment. Once the required information is gathered, we will then consult our database of Scottish treatment centres and then go about matching the most suitable centres for your needs. Once this process is conducted, we shall conclude by putting you in contact with a small number of highly suitable treatment centres in Scotland.

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