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Drug and Alcohol Rehab Treatment in Glasgow

ADT Health Care offers a calm and caring environment for people looking to detox and rehabilitate in Glasgow, Scotland. For many years now, we have assisted individuals looking to get sober in Glasgow, and our help is now available to you or your loved ones too. Whether you are addicted to drugs, alcohol or prescription drugs, we are helping to help you in Glasgow.

ADT Healthcare does not directly provide rehab services in Glasgow. Instead, we assist by referring you to a rehab clinic in Glasgow that’s best suited to your individual needs. We ensure you select a rehab clinic in Glasgow that’s within your budget and one that is able to meet your unique care and general treatment needs.

Whilst Glasgow is not short on addiction treatment options, there is every risk that you could select drug or alcohol rehab treatment that’s poorly suited to your needs. When you arrange rehab through ADT Healthcare, you reduce this risk. Why? Because we carry out a thorough assessment over the telephone and then we place you into a rehab clinic in Glasgow that matches your needs in terms of the care and therapy package on offer.

Each person suffers from drug or alcohol addiction is uniquely different from another in a similar situation. Unfortunately, there exists no single ‘perfect’ form of rehab treatment. Some clinics will follow the 12-step cycle, whilst others will adopt a more scientific approach to addiction treatment.

Both methods are highly successful, but it’s unclear from the outset which particular addiction treatment will work best for you. To remedy this fact, we carry out an important and free telephone assessment to determine which particular rehab clinic in Glasgow you are most likely to succeed within.

Fortunately, Glasgow offers treatment clinics to cater to most preferences and needs. This makes the task of matching you to an appropriate clinic a relatively simple task for our experienced advisors.

Why is going to rehab necessary?

The vast majority of people suffer from drug addiction or alcoholism will struggle to stop drinking or using without professional support. One of the biggest obstacles getting in the way of progress is denial. Other obstacles include emotional and environmental addiction triggers. Also, if you are physically addicted to drugs or alcohol, then you will run into a number of complications when you attempt to detox.

Attending a residential rehab clinic solves all these problems. Firstly, you will be given all the help and advice in assisting you in overcoming denial. Secondly, you will be given the tools to build the necessary courage that’s needed to change your life for the better. Because you will stay within the rehab clinic for the treatment programme’s entire duration, ‘triggers of addiction’ are entirely removed.

At ADT Healthcare, we assist you in your search for suitable rehab clinics in Glasgow. We ensure you attend a rehab clinic where you will see a doctor upon admission. This doctor will assess your needs, and ensure a suitable detox programme is designed to meet these needs. Many of the clinics we recommend are private fee-paying clinics.

Paying for rehab treatment privately means you avoid the wait that’s typically required when you apply to attend a council-run rehab clinic. Furthermore, over the last decade, councils have witnessed up to a 75% cut in their budgets. This means it has become unduly difficult to access funding for drug and alcohol rehab services via public funding.

What happens during a drug and alcohol rehab in Glasgow?

Drug and alcohol rehab clinics in Glasgow have invested heavily in the services they offer. When you attend rehab, you will benefit from a fully tailored treatment programme. All treatment clinics are regulated by Scotland’s Care Inspectorate. This is the equivalent of the Care Quality Commission. This ensures you or your loved will receive only the highest possible standards of care.

The first stage of drug and alcohol rehab involves safely removing all toxins from your system. This process is known as undergoing a drug or alcohol detox. Here, you will be given medications to ease the process of coming off drugs or alcohol. During this time, you will be constantly monitored by a team of medical practitioners and support workers. This ensures you do not suffer from undue hardship or discomfort during this period.

Treating the emotional aspect of addiction

Whilst detoxification is a vital part of going to rehab, by far the more important aspect is to treat the psychological and emotional aspect of drug and alcohol addiction. How do drug and alcohol rehab clinics in Glasgow tackle this issue? By providing world-class and highly effective counselling and therapy sessions. These sessions help you to identify and then overcome the emotional issues in your life that cause you to resort to drug and alcohol addiction. Therapy and counselling sessions take place in one-to-one and group therapy sessions.

Some of the more common addiction triggers include:

  • Sexual, physical or emotional abuse suffered in childhood
  • Traumatic experiences suffered during adulthood, particularly those of a physically or sexually abusive nature
  • Environmental and social cues that act as addiction triggers
  • Using drugs and alcohol to soothe anxiety and depression

Making you aware that you are using drugs and alcohol for emotional reasons is the first step towards breaking the cycle of drug and alcohol addiction. You will then be armed with a variety of relapse prevention strategies that will allow you to cope with these emotions without using drugs and alcohol.

What happens after I leave rehab in Glasgow?

Upon completion of your drug and alcohol rehab in Glasgow, you will continue to receive treatment on an outpatient basis. These outpatient sessions are known as aftercare. The good news is that there is no additional cost involved in order to qualify for aftercare sessions. The cost of aftercare is typically absorbed into the fees you pay for your initial residential rehab programme.

Getting in touch with ADT Healthcare

Contact ADT Healthcare today to discover the various rehab options that exist in Glasgow. When you make contact with our advisors on 0800 138 0722, we carry out an initial assessment to assist our advisors in selecting rehab clinics in Glasgow that are most suited to your needs and your particular situation.

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