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Drug and Alcohol Rehab Treatment in Aberdeen

ADT Healthcare exists to ensure you select and then attend the absolutely most suited addiction treatment provider in Aberdeen for your needs. We offer a 100% free and independent helpline for those of you who live with addiction and seek a solution to your problem. ADT Healthcare is run by individuals who have fought their own battles with addiction in the past and lived to tell the tale. If you want somebody to answer your prayers, contact ADT Healthcare today on 0800 138 0722. You no longer need to suffer in silence. Succeed in your recovery today with our free and impartial help.

How we can help

Over the last decade, ADT Healthcare has established many relationships with a variety of addiction treatment providers in Aberdeen. We understand the strengths and potential weaknesses of each treatment provider. For instance, some treatment centres may specialise in treating specific addictions, meaning some of these treatment centres may not be ideally suited to treating your addiction. To ensure you select a treatment centre that’s optimised for your needs, contact ADT Healthcare today.

About our services in Aberdeen

In Aberdeen, we are capable of recommending more than 200 different treatment providers. We maintain a database of treatment centres so we may draw on a variety of options on your behalf. So we may correctly match treatment providers to your needs, we first determine what your needs actually consist of. To achieve this, we carry out an initial telephone assessment. During this assessment, we determine the severity of your addiction. We also determine if you suffer from a dual diagnosis condition such as anxiety or depression. The existence of such a condition will dramatically influence our list of recommended treatment providers we will ultimately give to you following the completion of the assessment.

Handpicked treatment recommendations

At ADT Healthcare, we hand-pick all treatment recommendations we make. Our advisors have personally visited each treatment provider we recommend. We also request our callers give us feedback on treatment providers following the completion of their treatment. We only promote treatment providers who consistently receive positive reviews from our callers. We also review each treatment centres’ Care Quality Commission (CQC) report. These reports are published annually, and rate treatment providers based on the quality of care they provide. You may read individual CQC reports on the CQC website.

All treatment programmes we recommend in Aberdeen are fully tailored to your needs. Treatment includes an element of detoxification, rehabilitation and aftercare. You will receive therapy that seeks to address the causes of your addiction. Therapy will also seek to build up your relapse prevention skills so that your recovery is strengthened. You will also take part in workshops that aim to teach you about the science of addiction, and also educate you about the dangers of continuing to consume drugs or alcohol.

Free intervention service in Aberdeen

ADT Healthcare also offers a free intervention service in Aberdeen. This is helpful if your loved one is hiding behind the denial. Denial is a very common emotion for people suffering from an addiction to drugs or alcohol. At ADT Healthcare, our trained advisors are also interventionists. We assist you in helping your loved one admit to his or her addiction. Intervention requires specific skills, and we do not recommend you attempt to ‘sell’ your loved one on the benefits of going to rehab without our help. To do so could make your loved one’s resistance to treatment increase.

Going to rehab – What actually happens?

When you go to rehab, you will be assessed by a psychiatrist. The psychiatrist will determine the severity of your addiction, and prescribe a suitable dose of medication to help you through the detox process. Also during this time, you will begin to attend group and individual therapy sessions. These sessions aim to arm you with techniques to process anxiety without resorting to drinking or drugs.

During your rehab programme, you will not be permitted to return home. This is for the entire duration of your treatment. Rehab programmes typically run for around four weeks in total, although you may be able to reduce this duration to around ten days in length if you choose to undergo detoxification without a full rehabilitation programme.

Attending a well-round rehab programme

Generally, we believe a detox alone is not enough treatment to secure your long term recovery. In order to succeed, you must invest enough time in rehab so you may begin to understand the mental causes of your addiction. The addiction itself is merely a symptom, and merely treating the symptom and not the cause usually means the symptom will reappear upon relapse.

To prevent an early relapse, we recommend you spend at least a month in a residential rehab centre in Aberdeen. For the best results, we will assist you in selecting a rehab programme that also incorporates an element of aftercare. Aftercare refers to an ongoing therapy session taking place after residential treatment has concluded.

Requesting our help today

For more information on this fantastic free helpline, contact ADT Healthcare today on 0800 138 0722. When you contact us, we carry out an assessment. This assessment allows us to better tailor the treatment options we recommend in Aberdeen. This permits us to only recommend those treatment services that are most suited to helping you succeed in your recovery.

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