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Drug & Alcohol Rehab in Kettering

Having a drug or alcohol addiction can impact your life negatively. For instance, your spouse may view you as a nuisance and leave you. Also, your boss may find it hard to put up with you and fire you. If you’re an addict, it’s time to get help before everything goes out of hand.

At ADT Healthcare, we can help you find the right drug & alcohol rehab in Kettering where you can get treatment for your addiction.

Finding the most suitable rehab centre is not an easy task. That’s why our first step is evaluating your addiction to know its severity and nature.

By knowing these things, it helps us match you to the best facility in your area.

You may view the severity of your addiction and see as if recovery isn’t possible. However, you’re wrong; with the professional support and assistance, you can be sober and start living a more fulfilling life.

Don’t live in denial

When quitting alcohol or drug use, one issue that many people experience is denial. They can’t accept that they have an addiction, which can be a big hindrance towards their recovery journey. They see it as a small problem, and they can handle on their own.

Others even think that rehab centres are not for them. But this is a mistake. Don’t live in denial. The earlier you can accept you have the problem, the earlier you can get help and avoid devastating consequences. The solution may be lying in a rehab centre and waiting for you.

We at ADT Healthcare are always passionate about helping people recover by pairing them with an appropriate drug & alcohol rehab in Kettering. To make our work easier, all we ask is your honesty.

Be as open and truthful as possible, and we’ll offer solutions that best suit your needs.

The treatment options available

For your addiction, you have three options to choose from: a home detox, outpatient treatment, and full residential treatment. Home detox means that you do it at home. For people who may want privacy as they recover, this can be an excellent option.

However, the patient may not benefit from 24/7 medical attention and counselling. This is because, at home, they may be alone or with a family member who doesn’t have any medical background.

Since many home detoxes result in a relapse, a general practitioner may come to your Kettering home to determine if you’re suitable. If you suffer from a severe addiction, you may be unsuitable for home detox because of the health risks posed by withdrawal symptoms.

During outpatient treatment, you go to the clinic for several hours and go back home.

Unlike home detox, an outpatient gets therapy and counselling after their detoxification programme. The outpatient option is ideal for people who are looking for treatment on a budget or those in working positions and can’t take time off.

If you to go through treatment in an area where you’re secluded from the outside world, then full residential treatment is an excellent choice. As compared to outpatient and home detox options, this is by far the most effective, superior, and a preferred choice by many people.

This because you leave the environment which may have facilitated drug or alcohol use, and go to an area where there is no substance use. Another benefit of this option is that you’ll medical professionals attending to you 24/7, in case of complications from withdrawal symptoms.

What does the treatment involve?

The treatment process involves many procedures. The first procedure is detoxification, which is aimed at clearing the drugs from your system. Also, during this procedure, the patient receives medications that help to deal with painful withdrawal symptoms. After completing the detoxification programme, the next step is dealing with your psychological well-being.

Here, you receive counselling and other therapies such as cognitive behavioural therapy to improve your mental health. Other therapies involved in the treatment are nutritional therapy, holistic therapies (meditation, yoga, music, art, reflexology, etc.), and family therapy.

After the treatment is complete, the process is not over yet. The patient has to attend follow up and aftercare sessions to help them stick to soberness and reduce the chances of a relapse. If you’ve decided to join a drug & alcohol rehab in Kettering, call us on 0800 138 0722.

You will talk to an experienced drug and alcohol addiction professional who will answer any of your questions.

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