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Drug & Alcohol Rehab in Corby

If you’re struggling with a drug or alcohol addiction, ADT Healthcare can help you beat it. When you contact us on 0800 138 0722, we’ll discuss your situation and refer you to a suitable drug and alcohol rehab in Corby.

The rehab centres we work with only employ qualified medical professionals such as psychiatrists, psychiatry nurses, doctors, nutritionists, counsellors, and therapists who work their best to ensure your full recovery.

The nature of the treatment offered is residential or ‘inpatient’. This means that you remain inside the centre for about 10-28 days until you complete the process.

In a Corby rehab clinic, you can get help for both substance and behavioural addictions, no matter how mild or severe they are.

Before you’re admitted into a treatment clinic, you must go through an in-depth evaluation from a psychiatrist. This assessment helps to determine your needs so that a personalised plan can be established to solve those specific needs.

Alcohol and drug addiction is a disease!

One myth concerning drug abuse is that individuals become addicts because they’re weak, and they lack willpower and morals. They go ahead to suggest that quitting drugs is an easy task and castigate addicts when they try to stop and fail. However, this is wrong; drug addiction is a disease and quitting requires professional treatment and medical help.

When a person starts taking drugs or alcohol, it reacts with the brain in a very complex way. This complex reaction is what brings an addiction.

Most drugs overwhelm the brain with the ‘reward pathway’ concept – triggered by a powerful dopamine release. Dopamine controls how our bodies feel pleasure; encouraging an individual to repeat the action needed to bring these emotions.

The more you take the drug, the more your brain produces dopamine. Therefore, you’ll be forced to take even more to achieve the initial high.

In a drug and alcohol rehab in Corby, you will interact with different professionals who will help you understand why addiction is a disease. You will also be taught strategies to deal with this disease using proven behavioural techniques.

Drug and alcohol addictions are very common – why?

Many people get into addictions because they’re mentally vulnerable. Other people use drugs and alcohol to distract themselves, and others use them for entertainment. Whatever the reason, the use of these harmful substances has become widespread, and many are falling into addiction.

The only way people can understand the harmful effects of addiction is if it’s regarded as a disease. This way, they’ll be more serious about getting help for themselves or their loved ones.

Understanding why some people become addicts and others do not

Determining who can and can’t get addicted is not an easy task. However, there are factors which can offer insights into people who are at higher risks. Some of these factors are environmental factors, genetics, social development, and age.

Just like many other things, behaviour significantly depends on genetics and the environment. If you’re vulnerable due to your genetics, even a short exposure to substances can lead to addiction.

While there isn’t any cure available for addiction, this condition can be managed and treated. The best course of action is seeking expert help. When you combine the right treatment with a support network, you can beat the addiction and start living a better life.

Also, another crucial thing is that you must be willing to stop. It’s hard to help a person quit an addiction if they don’t want to quit themselves. Therefore, the decision and willingness to quit must come from within you.

Most people don’t choose to become addicts. They fall into the trap of substance abuse, and before they know it, they’re trapped in a cage. Join a drug and alcohol rehab in Corby, and release yourself from this bondage.

Residential rehab and aftercare services in Corby

We recommend that you go for residential rehabilitation services. Living in the centre as you go through treatment will ensure that you focus your whole attention on the recovery process, and there are no temptations to make you fall back.

Also, you’ll enjoy 24/7 support and care from highly qualified professionals to make your recovery journey more effective. How does the treatment take place? You start with the assessment, which takes one day.

You then proceed to detox which takes 5-15 days, counselling and therapy (5-10 days), aftercare planning (2-3 days), and finally aftercare and followup (up to 12 months).

The role of aftercare is ensuring that you remain sober and don’t relapse once you’re back to your normal life.

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Battling addiction is not an easy task. However, when you seek and get help from addiction professionals, you increase your chances of recovery.

Contact ADT Healthcare on 0800 138 0722 to discuss your addiction and get paired with a suitable drug and alcohol rehab in Corby.

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