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Drug & Alcohol Rehab in Grays

If you have a drug or alcohol addiction in Grays, it can bring lots of negative effects. For example, your family life becomes miserable, you fail in your career, and your health becomes poor. Fortunately, it’s never too late to turn everything around and start living a better life.

At ADT Healthcare, we can help you beat that addiction, recover, and live a fulfilling life. You may be surprised to learn that most of the workers at ADT Healthcare were addiction victims in the past who battled the condition and won successfully.

Therefore, when you contact us for alcohol or drug treatment in Grays, be assured of talking to people who completely understand you and your needs.

About the team available in a rehab centre

Rehabilitation clinics are dedicated to treating substance abuse and a wide range of other mental health problems. That’s why they employ a team of qualified professionals capable of dealing with any addiction.

The aim of these experts is not to help you leave the alcohol or drugs for a short period; their main objective is helping you maintain soberness even for many years to come.

Examples of professionals you’ll meet in a rehab centre are key workers, doctors, counsellors, and therapists. With this combined knowledge, experience, and effort, you’ll leave a new, addiction-free individual.

Why choose residential treatment?

The rehabilitation services offered in a drug & alcohol rehab in Grays are residential. What does this mean? It means that for the time you’ll be receiving treatment, you will stay in the rehab centre. You will get away from your home environment, which may have facilitated substance abuse and move to an environment with no access to drugs or alcohol.

This is vital because leaving an addiction is not an easy process. You may decide to battle the addiction on your own, but end up relapsing because of the cravings and withdrawal symptoms.

However, by enrolling in a rehab centre, you have professionals and a structured environment to help you throughout the recovery journey.

What you can expect during the treatment process

When you get admitted in a drug & alcohol rehab in Grays, the first step is receiving a full evaluation by a psychiatrist. After the assessment, the next step is an intensive detoxification programme. This programme is aimed at getting rid of the alcohol and drugs from your body.

You will also be attending counselling and therapy sessions combined with a wide range of holistic therapies such as meditation, yoga, reflexology, etc. A counsellor is crucial to help you handle the causes of your addiction so that you don’t go back to using drugs again.

NOTE: All treatment options are personalised to ensure effectiveness and success for each person.

The best thing about residential treatment is that it is of high quality. It is well-structured to ensure you go back to a balanced life. You are armed with several coping strategies that will help you avoid relapse after returning to your everyday life outside the rehab clinic in Grays.

Another great thing is that residential rehab centres do not say goodbye after you conclude the treatment; they offer followup and aftercare services to ensure you remain on track. If you experience any issue that may cause a relapse, you get advice on how you can solve it.

Family involvement is critical during the process

When an individual is experiencing an addiction, he/she is not the only who suffers; the condition also brings negative consequences to family members. That’s why we encourage the family members of addicts to get involved by offering crucial information that can help the patient.

Whether it’s during the initial assessment, the evaluation after admission, detoxification, therapy, or aftercare, family involvement is crucial. Also, their support and advice to the addicts can come in handy.

While undergoing treatment, patients are allowed to use their mobile phones, tablets, or laptops. This way, they can stay in contact with their loved ones.

Get help today

When you beat your addiction and start living a better life, we at ADT Healthcare are happy. It saddens and pains us to see how people are ruining their lives because of alcohol or drug addictions. That’s why we always strive to pair you with a suitable drug & alcohol rehab in Grays.

Learn more about our services by contacting us on 0800 138 0722.

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