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Drug & Alcohol Rehab in Darlington

At ADT Healthcare, we offer high-quality recovery programmes in magnificent surroundings. This provides our patients with a highly comfortable environment where they can recover and rebuild their lives before going back to their normal life.

Additionally, our drug & alcohol rehab in Darlington only employs qualified health professionals.

These experts are available 24/7 no matter whether it’s at night or during weekends. This way, you’re assured of getting the care and attention you deserve throughout the process. Everyone is also friendly and welcoming to make you feel at home.

The need for addiction recovery services in Darlington

Sadly, the number of drug-related deaths has increased since 2013. Also, the number of deaths from alcohol-related issues has risen sharply. While the government has established guidelines on how to consume alcohol, this measure offers little help to people who are already battling with substance addictions.

Furthermore, many people living in this area have not been protected from the high rate of cannabis use and ‘legal highs’. With these developments, it’s evident that we need alcohol and drug treatment services in Darlington.

If you’re addicted to alcohol or drugs, it can affect you in the various aspects of life. It can impact your body and psychological health. You may have a hard time relating to other people and even get fired from your job.

Your loved ones may try to help you, but they can’t do it successfully without professional help.

Luckily, ADT Healthcare is here to help you. We can help you find a drug & alcohol rehab in Darlington that will help you recover and rebuild your life. We pair you with the most appropriate rehab services provider.

As mentioned earlier, we work with various rehab centres. We know the specific areas each centre focuses on, and by evaluating your needs, we can match you to a centre that best suits you.

No matter the addiction you’re struggling with, it can be solved. Therefore, don’t let it ruin your life even if you feel it has greatly advanced. You can get help for alcohol addictions and treatment for hardcore drugs such as heroin, cocaine, methadone, etc.

Residential treatment is a wise choice

When you call us requesting for a matching service, we recommend that you choose residential treatment. This is where you stay and live in the rehab centre for around 28 days. During your stay here, you’ll enjoy a dedicated ‘non-using’ environment that is crucial to a successful recovery journey.

Everything is supervised, from the detox programme to counselling and therapy. Also, you have enough time to reflect on how drugs or alcohol have ruined your life, and start making plans on how you’ll rebuild it.

You will gain the physical and mental strength necessary to maintain soberness for many years to come.

If you have received addiction in the past but have relapsed, you may require short detoxification followed by a short rehab programme. However, if you’re new to treatment, experts recommend that you stay in the rehab centre for as long as possible.

The process goes for about 28 days, and by committing fully, you will gain the maximum benefits of the treatment.

What goes on during the drug and alcohol treatment?

During the treatment, you are educated about the strategies to help you live a life that doesn’t involve alcohol or drug use. After arriving, the first step is completing a psychiatric evaluation. The evaluation is followed up with a detox programme and medications to help you manage withdrawal symptoms.

Other crucial parts of the process are counselling and therapy, which are aimed at determining the underlying causes of addiction and how to avoid them. It’s worth noting that everything is completely personalised depending on a patient’s needs.

After concluding the rehab programme, you now proceed to followup and aftercare services. These services are vital to helping a patient remain sober and reduce the risks and chances of a relapse. On your part, it’s recommended that you join addiction support groups and meetings.

The conversations held here may be carrying vital advice that can help you remain in recovery.

Don’t live in denial – get help

The biggest problem with many addicts is that they don’t accept their condition. They see it as a simple problem and can solve it on their own. However, living in this denial may end up destroying your life; accept that you have a problem and get assistance.

The earlier, the better. If you’re ready to join a drug & alcohol rehab in Darlington, get in touch with us through 0800 140 4690. 

Our team will match you with a suitable treatment centre.

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