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Drug and Alcohol Rehab Treatment in County Durham

Drug and alcohol addiction are likely impacting all areas of your existence. If you would like a swift yet highly effective means of eradicating your addiction for good, then you will likely benefit from attending a rehab clinic in County Durham.

Fortunately, many rehab clinics have set up shop in the County Durham area over the last few years. These rehabs offer a broad range of treatments. To discover which particular rehabs in County Durham are best suited to your needs, contact ADT Healthcare today without delay on 0800 138 0722.

We are confident that rehabs in County Durham truly offer you the best possible start to your recovery. Each rehab we recommend offers tailored treatment plans. This means different treatments will be selected depending upon your personal circumstances. This tailored approach to addiction treatment is proven to yield the best possible results in helping you attain your long-term abstinence goals.

The stages of drug and alcohol rehab in County Durham

Before you begin rehab, we assess your needs over the telephone. We carry out a short medical assessment so that we may determine the best possible rehabs in County Durham that are right for your needs. Following the completion of this assessment, you will then be contacted by suitable rehab clinics directly.

Once you have agreed to enter a particular rehab clinic, you will then be given an admission date. Before you enter rehab, both ADT Healthcare and the rehab clinic will prepare you for your treatment and inform you on what to bring along with you and what to expect.

Going to rehab is a life-changing event and one that you should embrace. It’s only natural to feel nervous about going to rehab, and we work closely with you to ensure any negative feelings towards going to rehab are addressed. Many of our advisors are themselves living in recovery, so we truly understand what you may be feeling at this present moment in time.

What happens when rehab actually begins?

When you enter a drug and alcohol rehab clinic in County Durham, you will be immediately assessed by a doctor. This doctor is known as a psychiatrist. If you are addicted to a physically addictive drug, ceasing to take these drugs will cause the onset of highly discomforting withdrawal symptoms. To significantly reduce withdrawal symptoms, the doctor will prescribe you with a range of medication. These medications ensure the detox process is as comfortable as possible.

For those who suffer from a severe and long-term addiction to either drugs or alcohol, going through a detox is still considered a medically risky procedure even when medications are prescribed. To counteract these risks, rehab clinics in County Durham offer 24-hour a day medical assistance. This ensures a medical professional is on hand to offer assistance or to increase your medications should the need arise.

Is the mental aspect of addiction addressed?

Whilst detox is an important goal of rehab, by far the more important aspect is the therapeutic process that seeks to address the mental aspect of addiction. When you attend a drug and alcohol rehab clinic in County Durham, you will benefit from a wide range of traditional and holistic therapies. You will also benefit from 12-step meetings and educational workshops.

Therapy sessions teach you to process your emotions naturally so that you no longer must rely on drugs and alcohol to achieve this same end. Rehabs blend group therapy with individual therapy. Group therapy is vitally important to addiction treatment since group therapy allows you to form meaningful connections with your peers, whilst also encouraging peer learning

On the other hand, individual therapy allows you to discuss your most intermate thoughts in private with a therapist. Individual therapy is key for those who may suffer from social anxiety or for those who require trauma therapy.

Many people suffering from addiction do so because their addiction is fuelled by traumatic experiences in their past. Thus, individual therapy is an essential outlet that allows these people to offload and better process these emotions in ways that do not involve drinking alcohol or taking drugs.

All forms of therapy seek to promote self-discovery and emotional understanding. During therapy sessions, you will begin to understand the largely unconscious reasons-why you resort to drugs or alcohol as a way of masking emotional issues in your life. Thus, addiction is largely believed to be a negative coping mechanism, and rehab helps you rebuild your life and gain a toolset that’s needed to establish far more positive coping mechanisms.

Specific evidence-based therapies offered at County Durham drug and alcohol rehab clinics include Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Dialectical Behavioural Therapy and Family Therapy and Trauma Therapy.

Another form of addiction treatment promoted at Durham rehab clinics is known as the 12-steps. The 12-steps originated in the USA during the 1930s, so this model has really passed the test of time. 12-step programmes are promoted at mutual support groups such as Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous. The 12-step programme is literally available in every country throughout the world, so the 12-steps is perhaps the most tested and proven form of addiction treatment on the planet.

The potential pitfalls of attending rehab in County Durham?

We do offer one brief word of warning when it comes to selecting drug and alcohol rehab clinics in County Durham. This warning relates to the fact that rehabs centres all offer a unique approach to addiction treatment. Whilst some of these approaches may be ideally suited to your needs, other approaches may be highly undesirable.

For instance, some rehab clinics follow a highly spiritual and arguably religious approach to addiction treatment. Whilst this approach may suit some, it will not be to everybody’s fancy. The danger is that you could unwittingly choose a rehab clinic that’s not compatible with your own beliefs and needs. If this occurs, it’s unlikely the treatment you receive will work out for you.

When you contact ADT Healthcare, we explain the different treatment approaches adopted by rehab clinics in County Durham. This knowledge helps you select a rehab clinic that’s perfectly suited to your preferences.

How much does rehab cost in County Durham?

For the vast majority of people seeking out rehab treatment, private fee-paying rehab will be the only viable option available to them. Central Government has stripped local councils of their funding in this area, and so the days of state-funded rehab have largely become a thing of the past.

When you contact ADT Healthcare, we will signpost you to your local drug and alcohol action team who may be able to offer you outpatient group therapy, but this is not the same as attending a residential rehab clinic. For instance, outpatient therapy will not include a medically assisted detox and you will not be removed from temptations and bad influences since you are not removed from your home whilst you undertake your treatment programme.

Fortunately, County Durham is well served with rehab clinics that are affordable and effective. When you contact us, we shall discuss the pricing model for various drug and alcohol rehab clinics in Durham.

What support will I receive when my rehab programme is complete?

Once it is time to conclude your rehab programme, you will automatically be enrolled in the rehab clinic’s free aftercare programme. There is no waiting list nor any extra fees to pay in order to begin aftercare treatment. Aftercare sessions are held during the weekend. You will return to rehab in order to benefit from both group and one-to-one therapy sessions.

Once your rehab programme has completed, you will also be encouraged to take part in local 12-step meetings operated by organisations such as Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous. These organisations are held in the vast majority of towns and many villages located throughout County Durham.

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ADT Healthcare is on hand today to recommend rehabs in County Durham that meet your needs. We recommend rehabs throughout the County Durham region, including rehabs located in Durham, Peterlee, Consett, Gateshead, Billingham, Sunderland, Darlington, Washington, Stockton-on-Tees, Hartlepool, Chester-le-Street, Bishop Auckland, Newton Aycliffe and Seaham.

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