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Drug & Alcohol Rehab in Aylesbury

If you ask many people living in Aylesbury, they’ll confidently say that alcohol doesn’t cause any serious health condition. If you try to tell them that it does, they may even term your idea as outrageous.

However, the truth is that every year, thousands of Aylesbury residents are faced with a simple decision: stop alcohol use and live, or continue drinking and die.

But why does this happen? It’s because they have developed a life-threatening condition called addiction.

People are addicted to many different things. Some are addicted to gambling, others to drugs and others to alcohol.

The worst form of addiction is to drugs and alcohol. It can bring devastating consequences to the victim, and in worst cases, cause death. If you or your loved one is having a drug or alcohol addiction, get help as soon as possible before the situation becomes worse.

We at ADT Healthcare can help!

Luckily for drug or alcohol addiction sufferers in Aylesbury, we at ADT Healthcare are now offering solutions to become sober and improve their lives. We have a free, confidential, and secure helpline (0800 138 0722) through which you can call us to discuss the treatment options available.

In most cases, we recommend that you enrol in a residential clinic and stay there throughout the treatment. This way, you will get away from an environment that may have been encouraging alcohol or drug use and move to a suitable ‘non-using’ environment.

In a drug & alcohol rehab in Aylesbury, you will start with a detoxification programme to get the drugs or alcohol out of your system and follow it up with the rest of the treatments.

Drug or alcohol users may not have the addiction alone; it may be co-existing with other conditions such as anxiety and depression. These mental health issues arise especially is something traumatic happened in the individual’s past.

To get rid of these mental health problems, the professionals at a drug & alcohol rehab in Aylesbury offer counselling and therapy sessions.

These sessions are aimed at helping the victim to manage their life or past issues without resorting to substance use.

What happens when the treatment starts?

When treatment starts, the first course of action is an assessment by a qualified psychiatrist. They will then prescribe medications to help you overcome withdrawal symptoms that arise during a detox programme. After completing this programme, the next step is going through multiple therapy and counselling sessions.

These sessions are offered individually or in groups. Individual sessions are vital because they address a person’s specific needs.

Before you conclude the residential treatment, you must get enough of these solo sessions to make sure your mental problems are completely handled.

Long-term life changes are vital

We at ADT Healthcare believe that to attain long-term recovery success, you must change the way you’ve been living your life. If you stop using drugs or stop drinking without making significant life changes, you may end up relapsing.

That’s why during your treatment in a drug & alcohol rehab in Aylesbury, the professionals here will help evaluate your life, what you have been doing wrong, and recommend life changes to improve your life for the better.

These changes will make you stronger, and you’ll stay more vigilant to avoid a relapse.

After leaving the residential treatment clinic, we understand that it may be challenging to stick to these lifestyle changes. This is because you may have gone back to an environment that facilitated substance use. For this reason, we make sure you enrol in a treatment centre that offers aftercare programmes.

During these programmes, you come back to the drug & alcohol rehab in Aylesbury for about 12 months for followups on how your life has been and to ensure you don’t relapse.

Drugs and alcohol have ruined the lives of many people in Aylesbury and across the United Kingdom. What’s worse is that some of these end up dead because their bodies can’t cope with high levels of addiction.

You don’t have one of these people; get help if you suspect that you have an addiction. By joining a rehab centre, you’ll be around health professionals who will greatly help you in your recovery journey.

For more information about treatments in Aylesbury, get in touch with us through 0800 138 0722.

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