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Drug and Alcohol Rehab in Buckinghamshire

If you live in Buckinghamshire and suffer from an addiction, know that help is available through ADT Healthcare. Many people may assume addiction is only something they read about in the newspapers, and many are simply clueless when it comes to getting help. Thanks to our experienced advisors, getting help for drug and alcohol addiction could never be so simple.

How do we help? We operate as a free advisory service. When you contact us on 0800 140 4690, we advise you on your treatment options. These options are many, and we are usually able to recommend affordable drug and alcohol rehab in Buckinghamshire, or alternatively, we may signpost you to services that are free of charge via your local council or NHS.

When is the time right to enter a drug or alcohol rehab clinic?

A good majority of people avoid seeking professional addiction treatment until it is simply too late. Many people will allow their addiction to progress completely unchecked because they are in denial or because they are simply unaware that treatment options exist. At ADT Healthcare, we have witnessed this tragic state-of-affairs unwind all too often.

From the outset, we would like to dispel the myth that you need to ‘hit rock bottom’ before you may seek addiction treatment. If you seek out early intervention, you will significantly mitigate the damage inflicted by your drug or alcohol addiction.

However, before you reach out for help, you must first overcome any feelings of denial and admit to yourself and to your loved ones that you are suffering from an addiction. Being honest with yourself and your loved ones about your addiction is an absolutely necessary step in entering recovery. If you are not able to overcome denial, then you are highly likely to fail in your treatment programme.

Below, we list a number of signs that could signify that you are truly ready to begin your recovery:

  • You have attempted to give up drugs and alcohol before but you have relapsed. This makes you even more determined to succeed
  • You openly admit to loved ones that you are an addict. You are able to discuss your addiction without experiencing feelings of shame
  • You are emotionally motivated to ‘get into recovery’
  • You are sick and tired of planning your life around your addiction
  • You have conducted your own independent research about your rehab options in Buckinghamshire
  • You are acutely aware that your addiction is damaging your life

I’ve overcome denial, what should I do next?

If you are able to admit that professional help is needed, you must then assess the various treatment options available to you in Buckinghamshire. There exist a variety of different types of treatment. Many of these treatments take place at a private drug and alcohol rehab in Buckinghamshire. Some of these clinics, however, are council-run, and you may qualify for funding.

The vast majority of private clinics operate on an inpatient basis. This is also known as residential rehab. When you agree to receive treatment at a residential rehab in Buckingham, you will not return to your home for around 10-28 days. This is highly desirable because you will thus be shielded from the usual temptations that could otherwise result in relapse.

Another option is to seek treatment at an outpatient rehab clinic. Here, you will attend treatment during the day. Following the completion of these sessions, you will then return home. This fact often means outpatient treatment is put at a distinct disadvantage when compared to inpatient treatment. Why? Because when you return home following the completion of daily outpatient treatment, you will still be exposed to bad influences and temptation. These bad influences and temptation could mean you relapse whilst undergoing outpatient treatment.

When you contact ADT Healthcare, we shall explain this distinction between inpatient and outpatient treatment in more detail. We shall also furnish you with the contact details of many different inpatient and outpatient treatment clinics in Buckinghamshire that are suited to your needs.

What happens during drug and alcohol treatment?

Both inpatient and outpatient rehab will offer structured therapy sessions. These sessions aim to arm you the techniques that will allow you to live your life without the need to resort to drug and alcohol use. You will build up coping mechanisms that allow you to process negative feelings cognitively rather than chemically.

If you choose to undergo treatment at an inpatient rehab clinic in Buckinghamshire, you will begin treatment by undergoing a drug or alcohol detox. Because this takes place in a residential setting, you will be able to focus all of your energy on your recovery without everyday distractions and responsibilities.

Undergoing a detox is perhaps the most testing period of your recovery. Before your detox begins, you will undergo an assessment. This assessment is conducted by a psychiatrist. The psychiatrist will prescribe you medication that will help you undertake your drug or alcohol detox without experiencing withdrawal symptoms.

Typically, alcohol detox will require around 7-10 days to complete. The acute period of alcohol detoxification occurs around 2-3 days after alcohol was last consumed. Here, you are most at risk of suffering from a seizure or a condition known as delirium tremens. You will be prescribed with a mild sedative that’s highly effective at treating alcohol withdrawal symptoms.

If you are addicted to drugs such as opiates or benzodiazepines, your detox may require between 14-28 days to complete. A number of different medications exist to help you navigate a drug detox without suffering from withdrawal symptoms. The exact medications you will be given during drug detox in Buckinghamshire will be decided by the psychiatrist upon admission.

What help do I get following the completion of drug and alcohol rehab in Buckinghamshire?

To succeed in your recovery, you will need all the need you can possibly get. To ensure you receive this help, the rehab clinics in

Buckinghamshire will offer you a structured aftercare programme. Aftercare allows you to attend therapy sessions on an outpatient basis. You will also be encouraged to attend daily or weekly 12-step support groups in your area. These groups are run by Alcoholics Anonymous, Narcotics Anonymous and Cocaine Anonymous.

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