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Drug & Alcohol Rehab in Truro

Many people right now are facing drug or alcohol addiction. If you live in Truro and are one of these people, don’t let the addiction continue wreaking havoc in your life; contact us on 0800 138 0722 and get the necessary help.

One reason why addictions end up ruining people’s lives is that they’re scared of asking for help. Other people live in denial and resist the idea of getting professional assistance. These addiction problems have even gotten worse now that the government has reduced the funds for charities and public services, which traditionally provided addiction treatment.

Get addiction help as soon as possible

There is one thing that most people don’t know. Addiction is a progressive disorder, which means that it gets worse with every minute that passes. Therefore, sitting and waiting for it to go away won’t solve the problem. In the UK, drug and alcohol addiction ruins the lives of thousands of people, mainly because they don’t get treatment. Another worrying statistic is that around fifty thousand people lose their lives every year due to alcohol or drug overdose.

You don’t have to be a part of this saddening statistic; get in touch with us at ADT Healthcare via 0800 138 0722. Waiting any longer may end up ruining your precious life. Even though there isn’t a cure for alcohol or drug addiction, you can better your life by going sober.

The risks of not getting help

Trying to quit drugs or alcohol on your own is a difficult task. This is because you experience strong cravings and withdrawal symptoms. Not coping with all these may force you to relapse. Studies even show that only 10% of individuals with addiction have managed to recover successfully without any expert help.

Don’t risk relapsing every time you try to quit substance abuse; sign up for a well-structured treatment programme in Truro and increase your chances of achieving your recovery goals. You’ll significantly benefit from proven treatment, counselling, and therapy techniques specifically designed for individuals battling addiction. Another benefit is that you’ll be around other patients who have the same goals as you. You’ll support and motivate each other, which is another effective technique in your recovery journey.

How can we at ADT Healthcare help in Truro?

We love seeing people lead meaningful lives, and that’s why we help people choose the most suitable drug and alcohol rehab in Truro. This way, you can live your life without substance use, and quit the addiction before it destroys your life. How do we pair you with the right facility? When you call us, we conduct a vital assessment so that we can evaluate your addiction. We figure out your specific needs and then match you to a treatment centre that we feel best suits you.

What kinds of treatment options are available in Truro?

If you have decided to enrol in a drug and alcohol rehab in Truro, you can choose to be an inpatient, outpatient, or both. If you want a medically-assisted detox programme, you may be needed to remain at the treatment facility for at least seven days. After this detox period has elapsed, you may choose to go on with the inpatient programme or continue with the remaining parts of the treatment as an outpatient.

Therapy – a crucial part of the treatment process

In the course of the treatment, one vital part that you’ll have to go through is therapy. These therapy sessions help to identify why got into the alcohol or drug addictions in the first place. After these causes have been identified, addiction and substance use professionals will teach you how to manage them without turning to drugs or alcohol. You’ll learn several strategies to help you avoid a relapse. Since many people try to quit and find themselves going back again, knowing how to avoid a relapse is a critical part of the process.

Why choose residential treatment in Truro?

One reason why most people prefer residential treatment is a suitable environment. Did you know the environment you’re living in or the people around you may be facilitating your substance abuse? However, when you enrol in a drug and alcohol rehab centre, you remove yourself from this unsuitable environment. You won’t have any bad influences or temptations to relapse once you start the process. Instead, you’ll surround yourself with professionals and other addiction victims with whom you have similar goals.

The initial part of the process is detox. This is where the experts deal with the physical aspect of your addiction. During a detox, you take various medications aimed at alleviating withdrawal symptoms and treating the cravings which may arise. Stopping your drug or alcohol dependency will be a gradual process but don’t worry; as you continue taking the medications that dependency will eventually go away.

After completing the detox programme, next is therapy. These therapy sessions are aimed at treating the psychological aspect of your addiction, and they may be conducted either individually or in groups. The therapies offered are of different types, and they can all help you in your recovery journey. You’ll also develop better self-esteem and self-confidence to start a new life that doesn’t involve substance use.

For you to complete the treatment process, it needs around twenty-eight days. However, some may even take as long as six months, especially if they have serious mental issues. After completing the residential rehab, you’ll gain other benefits such as after-care sessions and follow-up to help you remain sober. If not handled early, drug and alcohol addiction can ruin your life – enrol in a drug and alcohol rehab in Truro and start your recovery.

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