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Drug & Alcohol Rehab in Lowestoft

Are you a Lowestoft resident and are looking for a rehab facility for your drug or alcohol addiction? At ADT Healthcare, we’re passionate about helping people quit their drug or alcohol addictions and live sober lives.

In the last five years, we have helped people join the best rehab centres in Lowestoft, and by going through the right treatment, they have left these facilities as addiction-free individuals.

We work with multiple rehab centres in this area. Before we place you in a particular facility, we first evaluate your needs.

This evaluation ensures that you’re paired with a rehab provider in Lowestoft that suits your specific needs. By using our free rehab matching service, you’re assured of saving the time that you would have used for research and getting a facility that completely suits you in terms of needs and budget.

To get more information, contact us through 0800 138 0722.

Expert help is vital to getting sober

You may have tried to quit alcohol or drugs in the past, and as you can attest, it’s not a walk in the park. You may even be surprised to learn that only 12.5% of people have been able to quit drugs and alcohol without any help. This means that the other 87.5% does it without any success.

What’s worse is that these addictions sometimes lead to death. With these statistics, it’s evident that professional help is vital. Don’t risk going through this journey alone, enrol in a drug & alcohol rehab in Lowestoft and increase your chances of getting favourable results.

In their quest for soberness, why do many people end up unsuccessful? It’s because they don’t deal with the emotional part of addiction. After quitting alcohol or drugs for a short period, they relapse because they’ve not dealt with their beliefs, thoughts or physical circumstances necessary for their recovery.

How can a professional help you?

If you’ve tried to quit your addiction without any fruitful results, you may be wondering how a professional can help you. In rehab centres where these addiction experts are, there are three options available.

One, there is the residential or ‘inpatient’ options, which means you get the treatment inside the facility.

Second is the ‘home detox’ which means you undergo treatment while at home. Third, is the ‘outpatient treatment option’ which means you come to the rehab centre maybe every day and go home.

All these treatment options have their advantages and disadvantages. However, many people consider the inpatient treatment option as the most effective. This is because you’re removed from an environment which may have facilitated substance use to a new area.

The only drawback is that it may be a bit costlier than the other options. But since ADT Healthcare works with several rehab facilities in Lowestoft, we can match you to a centre that suits your budget needs.

The other two options, home detox and outpatient, are suitable for people who are dedicated to succeeding even without 24/7 expert support. However, since residential treatment in Lowestoft is generally affordable, we mostly advise individuals to avoid home detox and outpatient alternatives.

Residential treatment in Lowestoft

After joining a drug & alcohol rehab in Lowestoft, one thing you’ll have to go through is therapeutic sessions. These sessions make use of different techniques such as 12-step work, holistic therapies, CBT, and psychotherapy.

Another thing is that these sessions may take place in both individual and group settings.

Why is therapy a crucial part in your soberness journey? It helps to identify why you got into the addiction in the first place and treat that cause. This way, you can quit the drugs or alcohol use without risking a relapse.

At ADT Healthcare, we love helping people quit their alcohol or drug use and live sober lives. To know more about our matching services and how we can pair you with the right Lowestoft rehab centre, get in touch with us through 0800 138 0722.

When you call us, we’ll do a short evaluation, which will help us locate the most appropriate drug & alcohol rehab in Lowestoft. This evaluation is free, and you shouldn’t be worried about any charges.

Have you been struggling with substance use and want to quit successfully? Contact us and start your journey to being sober.

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