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Alcohol-Related Brain Damage: Causes, Types & Prevention [INFOGRAPHIC]


In this post, we unveil our latest infographic, titled “Alcohol-Related Brain Damage: Causes, Types & Prevention”.

The topic of alcohol-related brain damage is one close to our heart at ADT Healthcare.

This is because, alas, this disorder is so common amongst those suffering from alcoholism and over the age of 55.

Alcohol-related brain damage is a terrible and life-changing disorder. Unfortunately, many cases of alcohol-related brain disorder could have been avoided if those suffering from alcoholism were more educated about these risks.

This easy-to-consume infographic aims to set out the risks of alcohol-related brain disorder in the hope that those who still have time to avoid these risks do just that.

In this infographic, we outline:

  • Types of alcohol-related brain damage
  • The Causes of alcohol-related brain damage
  • How alcohol-related brain damage can be prevented

Without further ado, you can view this infographic in all its glory below. Remember to share this infographic with your own audience to help educate as many people as possible about the risks of alcohol-related brain damage: