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Challenges Facing Public UK Addiction Treatment Services in 2019 and Beyond

In this post, we share an insightful infographic outlining the challenges facing addiction services in the United Kingdom.

Over the last eight years, austerity measures have considerably reduced addiction treatment services across the country.

This comes at a time when an ever-greater number of people are actually in need of these services. In turn, this means what is left of addiction treatment services is being put under considerable pressure. In many cases, a vast number of people are simply unable to access addiction treatment services.

Austerity measures have been accompanied by high inflation and poor economic growth. These factors tend to affect people who are less well-off. Austerity and poor economic growth have contributed to worsening mental health amongst the poorest and most vulnerable members of society.

We’ve witnessed an increase in domestic violence, homelessness, unemployment and many other forms of social deprivation. Some have even used phrases such as the ‘food bank generation’.

And perhaps more worrying is that there is little sign this situation is about to improve. In 2019, greater and deeper austerity measures are set to kick in. Perhaps the only way to reverse the tide is to pray for a General Election which could then usher in a Labour Government.

In 2017, the Government published its Drug Strategy. If the current austerity measures continue, it’s hard to imagine this strategy ever being realised. You can read the entire Drug Strategy here.

Without further ado, we now share an infographic that outlines six key challenges facing alcohol and drug treatment services in the United Kingdom both in 2019 and beyond.