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The Benefits of a Heroin Detox

The heroin epidemic is now sweeping the globe. This epidemic has claimed millions of lives. Many heroin users were introduced to opiates by their doctor as a means of managing pain.

Most people who are now physically addicted to heroin do not want to continue using this dangerous drug. These people simply do not know how to overcome powerful cravings for this extremely addictive drug. Contrary to popular belief, heroin addiction is not a choice. Instead, it’s a disease that needs correctly treating in order to overcome.

The safest and most effective way to stop using heroin is to undergo treatment at a residential rehab clinic. Here, you will benefit from opiate replacement therapy. This therapy prevents you from experiencing powerful withdrawal symptoms that arise when you abruptly stop using heroin.

During your inpatient heroin detox, the drugs you will be given are slowly tapered down over a fourteen-day period.

Heroin is a semi-synthetic opiate This is because addiction is predominantly a mental disorder. Many years ago, scientists created heroin as an alternative to morphine. However, heroin has gotten a bad reputation because of its abuse potential. It’s thus seldom utilised for its pain-relieving properties today.

Heroin is illegally sold in many different forms. Heroin may be sold as a powder or as a tar. Heroin has high abuse potential because it may be consumed in many different ways. Heroin is most commonly smoked or injected. Heroin is often abused in tandem with other drugs such as crack and cocaine.

Fatalities caused by heroin are frighteningly common. These fatalities often occur because heroin is laced with stronger drugs such as fentanyl. Heroin may also be laced with powdered milk or corn-starch. These unwanted substances are known to clog blood vessels and cause lasting damage to many of the body’s vital organs.

Over the last decade, the western world has witnessed a trend were opiates are commonly over prescribed to treat chronic pain. It’s believed many people prescribed opiates for pain management eventually turn to street heroin when legal sources become inaccessible. In the US alone, around 120 people die each day from an opiate-related overdose.

Heroin is well known for its abuse potential. Once heroin is consumed, uses experience an intense euphoric high. heroin is both physically and psychologically addictive. When the effects of heroin begin to wear off, users will then begin to experience powerful cravings to use yet more heroin in order to satisfy these cravings. Also, because the body builds up a tolerance to heroin, greater and greater quantities are needed to satisfy cravings.

Common side effects of heroin use include:

  • Dry mouth
  • Abscesses
  • Cloudy mental function
  • Mental disorder
  • Collapsed veins
  • Overdose leading to death
  • Nausea and vomiting

Getting help for heroin addiction

At Rehab 4 Addiction. we are on hand to ensure you or your loved one receive highly tailored and effective treatment for heroin addiction. It is essential you receive the right care and support from people who are sympathetic to your plight. Just know that it is possible to overcome heroin addiction provided the right type of help and support is received. Before heroin treatment begins at a residential rehab clinic, you will be assessed by a medical doctor. Your treatment programme takes place in an environment free from distractions, temptations and bad influences.

Undergoing a heroin detox is understandably a stressful experience. Anything that is likely to ease this discomfort is something you will surely be thankful for. Many people do not complete the detox process because of the discomfort that’s experienced during this time. It thus follows that anything that decreases discomfort will serve to also increase the odds of you successfully completing your detox programme.

The detox process is about overcoming the physical roadblocks created by your addiction. Most importantly, you will be given opiate replacement therapy to help you avoid experiencing highly discomforting opiate withdrawal symptoms. The entire heroin detox process may be completed in around 10-15 days in total.

Heroin withdrawal symptoms are notoriously painful and difficult to overcome. However, with the right type of treatment, this doesn’t have to be the case.

Heroin detox treatment is not just about taking medications. Often the human element of treatment is arguably the most important aspect. This typically equates to the care, understanding and support you will receive whilst you complete your detox. You will also be encouraged to participate in activities whilst you detox. Doing so helps to keep you distracted so that you are not solely focused on the physical changes taking place within your body whilst you detox.

Once heroin withdrawal symptoms are treated, the hard work is only just about to begin. That is because heroin addiction is predominantly a mental disease requiring a robust therapeutic treatment programme in order to fully overcome.

Perhaps the most effective form of treatment for overcoming the mental aspects of heroin addiction is cognitive behaviour therapy. This is typically used in conjunction with other evidence-based therapies such as dialectical behavioural therapy and psychotherapy. It is generally agreed that combining physical and mental therapies in this manner Is the most effective means of overcoming heroin addiction.

Avoiding relapse

Once you have completed rehabilitation treatment, your aim will be to avoid relapse. To help you achieve this aim, you will undergo relapse prevention training during your rehab programme. Staying sober and drug-free isn’t easy, but you will receive lots of support that serves to simplify this process. The main type of support is known as aftercare. Aftercare is structured outpatient therapy sessions offered through the same clinic where you initially underwent residential rehab treatment.

Aftercare helps you sustain your recovery. As well as attending aftercare sessions, you may also attend Narcotics Anonymous and SMART Recovery groups. These groups are run independently from rehab clinics. It is free to attend these groups and you may do so indefinitely.

How to find a suitable rehab in my local area?

By far the quickest way to locate suitable rehab is to contact our team today on 0800 138 0722. Researching your rehab options alone is time-consuming and there is a possibility that you could select a poorly suited treatment. We help you narrow down your search to 2-3 local rehabs. We are also able to help you select rehab treatment that may be far away from your home.