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Alcohol Addiction Treatment Options in Birmingham

In this blog post, we seek to discuss alcohol rehab and treatment options in Birmingham, West Midlands. If you’ve found this page, it’s likely you or a loved one require help to overcome an addiction to alcohol. By the time you have completed reading this blog post, you will be better aware of the various options available to you in Birmingham.

Statutory addiction treatment providers in Birmingham

In Birmingham, there exists a number of ‘free’ or statutory providers to assist people who suffer from an addiction to drugs or alcohol. These providers typically operate ‘needs’ criteria. This means you will generally receive more help if you suffer from mental health issues as well as alcoholism. One key advantage of the statutory treatment is that it is free.

Statutory providers will not be able to offer you detoxification without a fairly long waiting list. For many people who suffer from alcoholism, often the need to be detoxed is an urgent one. This means some have even died whilst waiting to receive an NHS detox. Furthermore, the vast majority of statutory assistance for addiction is offered on an outpatient basis. This means you will receive counselling for an hour or two but return home following the completion of your treatment. The key disadvantage of this approach is that you are not removed from your ‘using’ environment whilst you receive your treatment. This makes it difficult to avoid temptation whilst you attempt to remain abstinent.

A list of statutory providers in Birmingham

Below we list a number of statutory providers in Birmingham. Many of the below act as an initial ‘port of call’ for people seeking treatment for alcohol addiction in Birmingham. The majority if these providers provide a free assessment followed by a referral to other services. All provide drug and alcohol awareness training and structured counselling.

Service Referral Method Contact
Reach Out Recovery Birmingham (CGL) Self-referral by telephoning or dropping in yourself or, if you are in contact with a professional agency, they can make the referral for you. Tel: 0121 227 5890
KIKIT Pathways to Recovery Self-referral or via other agency. For more information please contact or call 0121 448 3883. Tel: 0121 448 3883
IRiS Sandwell You can access this service simply by coming in and seeing us at Metro Court, at one of our satellite locations or by giving us a call. Tel: 0121 553 1333
Str8-Up – SIAS Str8 Up accepts referrals from young people and families directly. Professionals can also make referrals. Tel: 0121 301 4141
Solihull Integrated Addiction Services – Welcome Self referal or referral from professionals. Drop in or telephone for an appointment. Tel: 0121 678 4730
Addaction Walsall Self-referral or via other agency. Tel: 01922 669 840
T3 Walsall Young Person’s Substance Misuse Service Anyone can refer as long as the young person is aware of the referral and agrees to it. Referrals from schools, doctors, other young person’s services and parents as well accepting self-referrals. Won’t accept are those that have been made against you. Tel: 01922 637 505
The Beacon Recovery Service Referrals are made by completing the referral form and emailing or faxing it to The Beacon where we will arrange an appointment. A referral form can be downloaded via this webpage or requested via email or telephone. Tel: 01922 669 840 (24 hr)
CGL ATLANTIC RECOVERY CENTRE – DUDLEY GPs, Self, social services, other professionals. Tel: 01384 426120
Recovery Near You – Wolverhampton Substance Misuse Service Call or visit – you don’t need to make an appointment. Tel: 0300 200 2400

Mutual support/self-help groups in Birmingham

A good portion of people living ‘in recovery’ attribute their success to ‘mutual support’ groups. These groups are run by other people who also live ‘in recovery’. This is seen as ‘one addict helping out another’. There also exists mutual support groups for family members of those affected by addiction. During support group meetings, members share stories and discuss the challenges they face whilst living ‘in recovery’. Mutual support groups exist to help people maintain sobriety, but not to achieve sobriety in the first instance.

The best known mutual support groups are Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous. Both use the 12-step model. Popular mutual support groups in Birmingham include Alcoholics AnonymousNarcotics Anonymous and SMART Recovery.

Private rehab treatment in Birmingham

Another option is to pay for alcohol treatment privately. Private treatment typically takes place at a residential rehabilitation centre. You should expect to pay around £2,000 to £3500 for a ten-day detoxification programme.

Getting help today

For more information on your various alcohol addiction treatment options in Birmingham and the wider West Midlands area, contact ADT Healthcare today for free on 0800 138 0722. Our advisors are on hand to assist you through the many alcohol addiction treatment options in Birmingham. We provide a free helpline and we can usually place around 80% of callers into an appropriate treatment programme within as little as 24 hours.