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32 Best Addiction Recovery Podcasts for 2020


In this post, we share 32 of the absolute best addiction recovery podcasts for 2020 and beyond.

Addiction is and will always be an issue for us as humans, but there is more support than ever to help recovering addicts on a sustainable path.

These podcasts allow you to learn from the experiences of others by merely listening.  But many of these podcasts also allow you to interact with their audience if you wish.

For instance, live podcasts give you a chance to anonymously write or call in to get your specific questions answered.

Addiction is a terrible and lonely place to be in, whether you are in recovery or still an active user, and podcasts offer a healing voice.

It is a great feeling to have a voice of conscience talk in your ear while you are deciding to stop or continue using. Podcasts do not cost anything, and there is no pressure to be there at a specific time.

This podcast complication covers 32 fantastic voices of recovery. These voices are a steppingstone in helping others across the difficult crossover into sobriety.

A family member may need help battling addiction. With these 30+ podcasts, you will see how other people have pulled their loved ones back from the brink.

Whether you intend to listen live or save episodes for later, these podcasts offer a great insight into how both addiction and recovery changes lives. Think of these podcasts as your private motivational speakers.

Enjoy listening, and see you on the right-side of recovery!

Without further ado, here’s our list of podcasts for you to follow in 2020 and beyond:


Addiction Unlimited

Learn first-hand how an addict turned their life around into positive power to help others fight addiction. Angela Pugh tells of stories when she had a team of friends that would encourage here to stay and drink for longer hours and to greater excess.

Then on reaching a point where the lifestyle started to catch up with her and anxiety became intolerable. And in the end, she found that a life of sobriety was not the end, and getting control over her life was a start to a better life.

Follow Angela and see how drinking is a prison, and how getting sober is the great escape.

Listen Here!


The Addictionary Podcast

Addiction is not limited to drugs. Addiction is a symbol of everything that we do to excess, whether it be spending too much time in a casino, or on the phone. Whatever it is that you are trying to quit, you can guarantee that you are not the first to try.

This is the place to find your addiction and beat it; find your foe and the weapon to defeat it. Addictionary gives advice and stories on where others were successful and where they failed to beat their dependency.

Listen Here!


Alcoholics Anonymous Radio

From Alcoholics Anonymous in Christchurch – New Zealand comes a down to earth podcast on the basics of alcoholism. This is a 25-minute show to talk with the people affected by the disease, what they did to move away from it, and how their lives have improved.

The host explains the steps to getting out of the cycle of alcohol consumption to cope with stress and what you can do to begin your journey to sobriety.

Listen Here!


The Beyond Addiction Show

A weekly show hosted by Dr. Josh King, an expert on the disease of addiction. With openness and knowledge, Dr. King talks about personal addiction and the loved ones that we want to help with addiction.

The show is live on Thursdays where questions are answered, and lives are changed. Listen to some of the 20-million people in the US that suffer from substance abuse, and you may find the answers to your own problems.

Listen Here!


The Bubble Hour

Alcoholism is a terrible disease, one of the worst, because it is often overlooked as another part of life. There are often traumas or mental illness that hide behind the disease of alcoholism.

The Bubble Hour talks about alcohol, what it does to relationships, and lets you hear from the experiences of others. Hear about how pitching in and helping others can lead to helping yourself. Conversation, interviews, and professional opinion in one podcast with Jean on The Bubble Hour.

Listen Here!


Collateral Damage Podcast

Two hosts with experience in substance addictions, including those to opioids. The situation of addiction is at an apex; Maureen and Michael are doing their part to keep families and communities safe.

Topics are diverse, and the podcast backs up the careers they have in helping addicts that are lost and confused. Collateral Damage is worth listening to, and the channel gives another ray of light to those that have nowhere else to go.

Listen Here!


Coming Up for Air

Hear from special guest and actor Rob Koebel, as he recalls his struggle with pushing drink away. Rob tells of the starting point as a young drinker, becoming comfortable with his lifestyle, and not realizing that he had a problem for a long time.

Eventually, Rob came down to earth, admitted to himself that he was an alcoholic, and now uses his experiences to help others. Coming Up for Air is an inspiring story that is all too familiar nowadays.

Listen Here!


The Dr. Drew Show

Dr. Drew Pinsky is an internal organ and addiction medicine specialist that makes fascinating podcasts. It is worth tuning in whether you need help or not. Dr. Drew covers a range of topics that include addiction, relationships, and health.

Dr. Pinsky takes calls and conducts interviews with other field experts, and gives a true depiction of the way society is headed. Clever, educational, The Dr. Drew Show is an interesting podcast for any concerned listener.

Listen Here!


High Sobriety

John Mabry knows what he is talking about and makes a great interviewer that gets to the core issues of addiction. John interviews a variety of guests from famous musicians and actors to doctors and authors.

Addictions are a problem regardless of class or occupation, and Mabry uses the help of the elite to show the rest of us that we are all human.

Listen Here!

Addiction Medicine: Beyond the Abstract

A great channel hosted by professionals in their fields. Medical doctors with the first-hand experience of helping patients battle addiction. The Official Journal of the American Society of Addiction Medicine, give their latest thoughts on MAT.

Voiced by Shawn McNeil MD, this podcast helps to cut through the complex medical talk about what addiction is and how it is dealt with. You will have a chance write-in questions to the presenters and have them answered in an anonymous fashion.

If you want to get an informed opinion on a serious topic, then this is one of the best places to go.

Listen Here!


IGNTD Podcast

Dr. Jaffe and his partner Sophie look at life from the perspective of a couple that has seen it all. Dr. Jaffe is a Ph.D. in Psychology. and Sophie is a well-ness expert credited to helping such celebrities as George Clooney.

This podcast cover issues with addiction. But, more importantly, IGNTD looks at the issues of being an addict and still having to cope with the chaos of life. A podcast that delivers help on how to beat addictions and what to do after getting sober.

Listen Here!


Let’s Talk Addiction & Recovery

Academic talk held at the Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation, one of the most famous addiction clinics in the world. The talk runs through a myriad of topics from what is being done about treating the disease to ideas on how to prevent it in the first place.

Thought-provoking and at the leading edge of their profession. These clinicians and researchers open their minds up on what would help the billions affected by addiction.

Listen Here!

Opiate Recovery Podcast

Hear the stories of active recovery groups and see what it is when addiction is treated with compassion and a stern view. Heroin and pain pills need serious moral and medical support to help an addict get clean.

Listen to the stories and experiences of when one addiction leads on to another more potent substance. And you will see why the Opiate Recovery Podcast is a great cautionary tale of stop while you can.

Addiction counselor Gail Gabbert hosts the talk at the Opiate Support Group. Gail looks at Medication-Assisted Treatment (MAT).

Listen Here!


The ODAAT Chat Podcast

One day at a time is a common mantra in addiction recovery, and The ODAAT Chat Podcast takes stories from people going through just that. The host Arlina tells of her own battles with alcohol addiction and how she ended that part of her life in 1994.

The stories are similar in vein; broken relationships and other family issues can put addicts deeper into the abyss. Arlina is there to get them back out and show those that lost hope that they are not alone.

Listen Here!


Positive Sobriety Podcast

Hear from recovering sex addicts and food addicts; you will begin to see a pattern that the addiction is a form of pain relief for the sufferer. Some people use opiates, or alcohol to dull the pain, others use gambling or food.

The issues are talked about, examined, and we get to see how the addiction is dealt with in a durable way. Interesting talks with Nate Larkin and David Hampton, on a range of addictions by people that have been there and done that.

Listen Here!


The Medical Mind

The American Psychiatric Association (APA) shares its’ own view on the effect’s substance abuse has on the mental health of the public. The association looks at the deeper issue behind alcoholism and other addictions.

The APA is an amazing institution that looks at the latest initiatives in mental health. APA breaches the need to rethink some of our current approaches to dealing with addiction.

Listen Here!


Recovery Elevator

The channel has over 20 podcasts on members giving up alcohol, with new podcasts uploaded all the time. The Recovery Elevator looks at alcohol’s development in modern society and how it has become one of the most serious drug issues.

The walls of shame are pulled down, and all is exposed as Paul talks about his published book and to others about how dealt with the term alcoholicSupport and the stories combine to make a powerful pitch in the direction of sobriety.

Listen Here!


Recovered Podcast

This is an AA meeting style podcast that talks a lot about the 12-step program and the way that helps recovering addicts. From professional discussion to personal experience, Recovered Podcast talks about roads to recovery.

Over 1000 episodes are available at Recovered Podcast. Mark at the show encourages listeners to write in with their questions to be publicly or anonymously answered.

Listens Here!


Recovery Unscripted

Host David Condos takes us through a journey of personal experiences. Guests on David’s show, cover mental health care and addiction. With the support of the Foundations Recovery Network, the show gives a direct opinion on the way addiction is accepted.

From former kingpins to clinicians, the voices of experience take you on a path of reaching sobriety. The range of topics spans out to suicide and self-harm associated with addiction and how keeping a good level of mental health must be the priority.

Listen Here!


Refuge Recovery

Addiction and recovery are approached from the side of Buddhism, with the thinking that we need to empower those that can help with the disease. Suffering is moderated with meditation, and these podcasts guide you with the help of Sangha members.

Dharma talks and a strong community combine to help enlighten the mind to develop outside of addiction. Addictions and delusions of why we start and but do not stop are all covered in this enticing podcast.

Listen Here!


The Recovery Show – Finding Serenity

Various podcasts with guest speakers that are recovering addicts looking for serenity. Topics range from addictions to what they were like before the addiction and what it was that took them down that path.

Interesting and helpful, the Recovery Show looks at what we can do as a society to help recovering addicts. Finding Serenity de-mystifies some of the ideas behind getting sober. Find a group or go to a friend, anything can work, and this show is proof of that.

Listen Here!


The Share Podcast

The Share Podcast shares stories from the top-sobriety podcasters. Share tackles all types and levels of addiction, from pornography to alcohol. Discussions are honest and helpful while keeping some elements of levity.

It does not take an addict to listen to these podcasts. Sufferers affect those around them, in some cases more than themselves, and The Shair podcast shares those stories too.

Listen Here!


That Sober Guy

Shane Ramer talks about his nickname Cocaine Shane’, and how a simple normal man becomes a drug-fuelled addict. Ramer recalls the journey of getting introduced to cocaine and the point at which he got help.

That Sober Guy is a heart-warming tale that spans near 20-years. Shane uses his experiences in a positive format, sharing with the community, and helping others to get clean and on to the recovery road.

Listen Here!


Sober Cast

The Sober Cast is a replication of AA meetings in a podcast. Listen to unofficial Alcoholics Anonymous meetings; there are no calls, discussions, or interviews. This is about discovering the types of issues you would find at a meeting.

Great to listen to on the way to and from work, even at home. Life is busy, but there is no excuse for not listening to a meeting on addiction, even if you are too busy to attend in person.

Listen Here!


Since Right Now

Jeff, Chris, and Matt go over the fear of society, and its’ treatment of addiction suffers. Since Right Now look at, why admitting to an addiction is better than doing nothing. The Since Right Now talks about being sober, along with the issues, and stereotypes that still hang over the disease.

The team takes issues of support and share their compassion with the rest of us to enlighten our views on the stigma attached to addiction.

Listen Here!


Seltzer Squad

Jes Valentine and Kate Zander go over the basics of recovery and help other people reach sobriety. The main topics are helping people to determine if those people are addicts and if they are what to do about it.

Plenty of banter and a bit of fun. Seltzer Squad is an adult look at what staying sober in a city is like and how you stay on the straight and narrow when there is so much temptation.

Listen Here!


Thriving after Addiction

Getting to the end of the tunnel of addiction is a bewildering concept; what do you do when you are sober? And that is the point you can achieve anything, and this podcast will convince you of that.

Positive mental conditioning through meditation, coaching, good eating is key in reaching recovery. Erin Geraghty leads with a program to treat your body to life it deserves.

Listen Here!


Sober Speak Podcast

From Texas and hosted by various guests, Sober Speak covers the 12-steps to recovery, based on the AA program. Guest hosts talk about how they began their journey to sobriety and what their lives are like now.

Talks involve such topics as how addiction affects relationships and work. Methods of recovery cover MAT to support groups and host talk about what it was that changed the courses of their lives for the better.

Listen Here!

SMART Recovery® Podcasts

Smart Recovery© Podcasts

Expert talks with pioneers in the world of treatment and recovery. Smart Recovery© looks at the science behind addiction. The aim of this podcast is giving listeners self-empowerment to take matters into their own hands.

Addicts can get really good at hiding their problems, and it takes a lot of strength to take that first step of admitting the problem. If you listen to the podcasts, then you are half-way there.

Smart talk that is put in a simple format; informative and covers a broad range of addictions.

Listen Here!


She Recovers© Podcast

Dawn Nickel and Taryn Strong host the She Recovers© podcasts and offers a communities worth of stories. She Recovers© put on events for recovering addicts to meet and share. If this is too much travel, you can catch up online.

The podcasts talk about acceptance and denial, the road to becoming an addict, and the path to recovery. Inspiring and a gentle massage for the soul, this podcast is a soothing tool to pamper out anxieties of asking for help.

Listen Here!

The Unhooked Podcast

The Unhooked Podcast

Host and author Annie Highwater talk about her own struggles with addiction and codependency. Hear life-lessons from people with experiences on the whole journey. Unhooked talk with everyone, whether functioning addict or a recovering sufferer.

The Unhooked Podcast takes another look at addiction and how the family needs to be brave and help each other through tough times. Addicts are screaming for help, and they need to be shown that it is available if they choose to take it.

Annie comes out with great points and helpful advice on how to help others and yourself.

Listen Here!


The Unruffled Podcast

Sondra and Tammi talk about a creative way to recover from addiction. Addicts often find that there is a piece missing from their lives after they kick the habit, and this needs filling with something positive.

The Unruffled Podcast talks about ways other recovering addicts have moved their anxiety. Unruffled contributors work on creativity and building something positive out of their experience.

Life stories continue to be the best method of encouraging others to get help. The Unruffled podcast goes a step further and gives some great ideas on what to do with their new life.

Listen Here!