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Alcohol Rehab Clinics and Services

If you suffer from alcoholism, by far the safest and most effective form of treatment is known as an alcohol rehab. During an alcohol rehab programme, you will benefit from constant medical attention. This is important because undergoing an ‘alcohol detox’ is potentially deadly due to the onset of ‘withdrawal symptoms’. These withdrawal symptoms are safely managed when you attend a regulated rehab clinic because you will be given medications specifically designed to do so.

ADT Healthcare is a free helpline that helps you locate a suitable rehab clinic in your local area. Our partner rehab clinics consist of private enterprises as well as NHS and council funded rehabs.

Although we may be able to assist you in seeking out publically funded rehab, the vast majority of callers seeking out our help will self-fund their treatment through a private rehab clinic. In recent years, public funding for rehab has largely dried up due to aggressive Government budgetary cuts. Even if you are successful in applying to a publically funded rehab clinic, you must generally wait many months or even years until funding is granted. In contrast, you can typically gain entry into a private rehab clinic within 24 or even 12 hours after making the first contact with the clinic’s admission team.

The cost of attending a private alcohol rehab clinic is surprisingly affordable. For a typically 7-day alcohol detox programme, you should expect to pay no more than £1500-2000. Furthermore, many rehab clinics we work with also accept payment via a medical insurance policy.

All private alcohol rehab clinics we recommend within the United Kingdom are regulated by the Care Quality Commission (CQC). ADT Healthcare reviews individual clinics’ bi-annual CQC report to ensure we only recommend rehab clinics that meet the highest possible quality standards. Many of the clinics we recommend also have in place ISO accreditations. We also insist clinics are transparent about past client success rates.

What about NHS funding for alcohol rehab?

Whilst many people will not satisfy funding criteria, it may nevertheless be worth submitting an application to your local authority just in case such funding is forthcoming. If you wish to do so, ADT Healthcare will assist you in making this application. We will tell you where to apply for this funding and we will also help you in answering specific application questions. This free advice we offer will greatly increase your odds of getting funding.

To access funding for alcohol rehab, your first port of call will be to contact your local GP. You will then need to lodge application paperwork with your local council who administers funding for local publically funded rehab clinics.

What are the advantages of private rehab?

Many people applying for publically funded rehab will be left disappointed. If your application for funding is rejected, you must then consider other forms of funding. Over 90% of people seeking the services of an alcohol rehab clinic must fund their treatment themselves.

Below, we outline some of the advantages of choosing to pay for rehab privately:

  • You gain access to a greater number of rehab clinics to select from within your local area
  • You may attend a rehab clinic that offers catering and ensuite bedrooms
  • The admissions process is substantially speeded up – by paying for treatment privately, you may literally expect a ‘same day’ service in terms of getting into a rehab clinic
  • You will generally gain superior treatment options, including holistic therapies and a variety of cognitive and behavioural treatments not available at publically funded rehab clinics
  • A higher degree of confidentiality – there is no requirement for GP involvement, so the fact you attended a rehab clinic will not appear on your medical records
  • A better ratio of staff to clients
  • Flexible family visiting times and the ability to use your mobile phone, tablet or laptop whilst you stay within a private rehab clinic
  • All treatment will take place in one single location. When you attend a publically funded treatment provider, you will typically receive treatment many different locations which may be inconvenient to many

Some of the disadvantages of attending a private rehab clinic include:

  • You will need to pay for your treatment. In some situations, these costs may run into several thousand pounds
  • Private rehab may not be covered by your medical insurance
  • You may need to attend a private rehab clinic that’s not within your local area

What causes alcoholism?

To better understand why we advocate rehab, you first need to better understand the science of alcoholism. When you become alcohol dependent, chemical changes take place within the brain. Due to these chemical changes, you will experience withdrawal symptoms when alcohol is taken away. These withdrawal symptoms may be deadly. Examples of deadly withdrawal symptoms that may arise during alcohol detox include a seizure, cardiac arrest and delirium tremens.

The abstinence goal

When you attend a private or publically funded rehab clinic, the goal of treatment will be to abstain from drinking alcohol for the rest of your life. If you suffer from alcoholism and you successfully attain your recovery goals, the vast majority of experts agree that it is simply too risky to return to ‘social drinking’. When you attend a rehab clinic, you will be given the toolkit to assist you to attain your long term abstinence goal.

Undergoing an alcohol detox programme

All rehab clinics in residential settings will begin with a structured and clinically monitored alcohol detoxification. During this period, the control and reduction of alcohol withdrawal symptoms are paramount. You will be given medication that’s proven to reduce withdrawal symptoms to a safe level. An alcohol detox programme will require around seven-to-ten days to complete. The exact duration of an alcohol detox programme will depend on the severity of your alcoholism and other personal characteristics such as your height, weight, age and general state of physical and mental health.

Therapy during rehab

Another important component of rehab is therapy. Therapy consists of one-to-one therapy and group sessions. During therapy, techniques such as CBT and psychotherapy will be employed by counsellors and therapists. These therapies help to address the mental triggers that enable the development of alcoholism.

Aftercare treatment

When you are discharged from a rehab clinic, you will continue to attend therapy sessions on an outpatient basis. Many of these aftercare sessions take place on a weekend. This means aftercare sessions will not conflict with your working week. During aftercare sessions, you will receive many of the same therapies you undertook during residential treatment. However, the vast majority of aftercare sessions take place in a group rather than one-to-one settings.

Are you ready to discover your rehab options?

To discover suitable rehab clinics in your local area, contact ADT Healthcare today on 0800 088 66 86. When you contact us, we shall outline your rehab options in your local area. This will ensure you begin a treatment programme that’s right for your needs.

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