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Alcohol Rehab Treatment

Alcoholism and alcohol dependency: Are you drinking too much?

2-3 units per day for women and 3-4 units for men is the advised amount that the average person can drink each day. Although this measurement is widely known and recognised, many still exceed the advised daily limit without even realising it. 2-4 units average out at one small glass of wine or one-half pint of low percentage lager – anything more than this is likely to take you over the recommended daily amount and could begin to damage your health.

Looking towards a healthier future

Everyone is different and some people may feel that they can ‘handle’ more alcohol than others but this does not mean that there is less or no damage to the internal organs. Alcoholism and alcohol dependency can affect anyone, which is why it is so important that everyone considers the effects that alcohol can have on their body and take steps towards a healthier future.

According to the NHS, it is believed that around 4% of women and 9% of men suffer from alcoholism and alcohol dependency. However, this figure does not include those who may be suffering from a dependency without even realising it. Many people still believe that those suffering from alcohol dependency are always drinking or drunk but it is important to remember that this is generally not the case at all.

Look for the signs

Alcoholism and alcohol dependency is not centred on the volume of alcohol one consumes rather it is based on a person’s constant need for the substance. A dependency leaves someone feeling like they a need a substance, much in the way that others need food or water to function properly during their daily lives.

There are many different tell-tale signs that might suggest someone has a problem with alcohol but the constant longing for a drink is often the first and most important. If you often feel the need to go out for a few drinks every night or find that you need that bottle of wine to relax and unwind after a hard day, then you could have a dependency. Recognising that you have a dependency before it completely controls your life is the best thing that you can do for both your physical and mental wellbeing.

ADT can help with Alcohol Rehab Treatment

If you’re worried that you or someone you care about may be showing signs of alcoholism and alcohol dependency, then there are steps you can take. Calling a free and confidential helpline such as ADT Healthcare can help you to better understand the effects of alcohol dependency and offers professional advice on rehabilitation and counselling.

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