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Drug & Alcohol Rehab in Wirral

One of the difficulties that people have when trying to break away from addiction is that they may feel resistant to the very thing that will be able to help them. Those individuals who find it difficult to stop the addictive behaviour will remain caught in a downward spiral, and they are likely to need help in order to break free. In many instances, the help they require will be drug and alcohol rehabilitation centres in Wirral.

There are many reasons why people may feel resistant to drug and alcohol rehab but some of the most common would include:

  • The individual has misunderstandings about what this step actually involves. These misconceptions will then make them feel prejudiced towards rehab as a solution
  • One of the most common reasons why people resist rehab is that they are afraid that it is going to work. This happens because the individual is ambivalent towards their recovery. They have still not let go of the hope that they will one day be able to drink or use drugs safely. It is this ambivalence that can keep the individual locked in the downward spiral indefinitely
  • The individual is worried about the expense of rehab, and they are not entitled to free rehab. It is important to put the money spent on this treatment into perspective. It is an investment in the person’s future, and if they stay sober they will soon recovery this money on by the savings they make. There is also the likelihood that becoming sober will greatly improve a person’s financial future. When things are considered in this light, the cost of rehab will seem very reasonable indeed
  • The person may be worried about taking a break from their family and work commitments. This is another legitimate concern, but it often does not stand up to much scrutiny. The reality is that if the individual continues with their descent into alcohol or drug abuse they are likely to lose their family and their job. If mothers are worried about childcare needs during their stay in rehab they may find a facility that will allow them to take their kinds with them
  • The individual may continue to be convinced that they can sort out their own problems and that they don’t need help from anyone else. The problem with this reasoning is that this person will have probably already spent a good deal of time trying to sort out their own problems, and this is why they remain caught in addiction. By entering a drug and alcohol treatment centre the individual will not be given away their power – in fact, they will be learning how to exert more personal power in their life instead of being a slave to addiction

Misunderstandings about Addiction Recovery

Getting help for an addiction in Wirral can be the first step in a process that brings the individual to a place where they have always wanted to go. The reality is that the thing that the person was looking for when they began abusing alcohol or drugs was never there, but this sense of inner peace can be there for people in sobriety. There are many misunderstandings about addiction recovery, and it is important that these are tackled so that the individual becomes willing to recover.

Sober Living is Boring

Many addicts hold onto the misinformed idea that sober living is boring. This is a type of cognitive dissonance that the individual uses to justify their own behaviour. The person is subconsciously holding onto the idea that sober living is bad to help them feel better about being trapped in addiction. This type of thinking is clearly wrong because it is the life of the addict that is boring and predictable. Once the individual has broken away from an addiction they can go on to live an amazing life. There is no need for it to be ever boring.

Rehabilitation Centres Are Only For Rock Bottom Addicts

There are many individuals who will refuse to enter rehab because they feel that this type of treatment is only for the truly desperate. The person fails to realise that this type of facility can help anyone who is serious about ending an addiction. It is true that people who hit rock bottom tend to do better in recovery, but this does not mean that the individual has to fall low in addiction in order to benefit from this type of facility. The misunderstanding occurs became people believe that rock bottom means losing it all.

The truth is that it only means that the individual has had enough and they are willing to change. It is possible to have a high rock bottom where the individual has lost relatively little but they still become willing to quit. So it is important to keep in mind that rock bottom is not a specific point at the bottom rung of addiction – it is just the place where the individual is ready to stop.

Lasting Recovery is Like a Prison Sentence

One of the most dangerous myths that people in Wirral need to be aware of is that recovery is like a prison sentence. This could not be further from the truth. The reality is that giving up an addiction opens up a whole new world for the individual. Once they have become established in recovery, they will not spend all their time missing alcohol or drugs – some people will go months without even thinking about this.

What people do find when they give up alcohol or drugs is that they are now free. The beginning of addiction treatment can be a bit bumpy but it then becomes a habit – a way of life that opens the person up to a world of possibilities.

Rehab Is Too Difficult

Another common myth is that rehab is too difficult. The reality is that the individual will never to be asked to do anything that they are not fully able to do. They will also usually be surprised to find that this type of facility can actually be a pleasant place to stay. Many private rehabs look more like luxury homes or top end hotels. There is also plenty of time for fun activities and socialising during a stay in this type of facility.

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