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Drug & Alcohol Rehab in Wiltshire

Each individual will have their own ideas about what it means to be addicted, but it will usually involve some of the most common stereotypes. This image of addiction can hide the reality that almost anyone could fall victim to this type of problem. While it is true that some people do seem more prone to this type of behaviour, the rise in prescription medication addiction is evidence that nobody is really immune. It can also be the case that the individual might just have a few things going wrong in their life and before they know if they are trapped in addiction.

Addiction Stereotypes

Stereotypes will often hide the truth about the way things work in the real world. The stereotype of people who are in need of addiction help will usually include things such as:

  • This individual will down on their luck and likely look as if they are poor
  • The drug user will buy their substances from back alleys from dodgy looking characters
  • The person who falls into substance abuse will not have a job and will be unemployable
  • The individual will not be respected within their community. They are more likely to be feared or pitted
  • The person will be estranged from their family
  • The substance abuser will act aggressively and unpredictably
  • They will usually be involved in some type of criminal activity

While it is true that some people who are dealing with addiction will fit in with this stereotype the majority of them will not. In fact, there will be individuals in places like Wiltshire that would be described as high functioning substance abusers. This means that may:

  • Dress in expensive clothing and be well groomed. There will be no outward signs that this person is addicted to alcohol or drugs
  • They will never buy drugs from people in back alleys. In many cases, they will have their drugs delivered to their office or home by somebody wearing a suit
  • The high functioning substance abuser may be highly successful in their career and doing well
  • They will often be respected members of the community. People will admire them and want to be like them
  • Their family and friends may love them dearly. They might not even suspect that this person has a problem with alcohol and drugs. This person may be a good wife or husband and a good parent
  • They may never lose control as a result of drunkenness and always appear polite in public
  • They may never have been involved in any type of criminal activity

There are likely more people who fall into the category of high functioning substance abuser than in the lower category, but the stereotype hides this fact. This means that there will be people in Wiltshire who can avoid getting help because they feel that they do not meet the requirements of the stereotype. The reality is that any person who is finding life difficult because of alcohol or drugs needs to stop. In most cases, the best way of doing this will be in a rehab facility.

Those high functioning substance abusers who fail to do this will suffer because:

  • They will not be able to hide their addiction forever
  • This individual will be caught in a downward spiral. The longer they remain addicted the more they will end up losing. This is a path that eventually leads to death or madness
  • The person would be more successful if they were able to break away from the addiction. They would enjoy increased productivity and clearer thinking

The danger of Addiction Stereotypes

Not only are addiction stereotypes misleading but they can also be dangerous for a number of reasons including:

  • The individual can use the fact that they do not fit into the usual stereotype as evidence that they are not addicted. This means that it reinforces their denial of the problem, and they may even be able to convince other people of this. There are many people who remain trapped in addiction indefinitely because of this confusion
  • Addiction assessment tools can be very useful, but to a certain extent, most of these will rely on certain stereotypes of addiction. For example, high functioning addicts and older addicts can easily be misdiagnosed as not having an addiction when they clearly have
  • Friends and family may even try to convince the individual that they are not an addict and do not require addiction help. This lack of support for recovery can weaken the person’s resolve and lead them back to addiction
  • It can mean that funds that are used for treating addiction only get directed towards one specific group. The many addicts who are similarly affected by addiction might not get the help they need because they do not fit the stereotype
  • It gives people a false sense of security. It means that they feel safe to abuse alcohol or drugs because they do not fit the stereotype of the addict. A good example of this would be the individual who is addicted to prescription medication. They will use these substances initially as prescribed by a doctor but slowly over time they can begin taking the drug for the wrong reason. They can slip into addiction without fitting in with the stereotype of an addict
  • It means that people can be afraid to admit that they have a problem because they don’t want to be stigmatised by the label. The individual worries that by admitting to their addiction they will be viewed using the stereotype for this. It might even impact the way that other people will react to them in the future.

The reality is that there are many different kinds of people in Wiltshire who can end up developing addiction problems. It is vital that all of these people receive help so that they can break away from the addiction. This help will be available for those who need it.

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