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Drug & Alcohol Rehab in Wakefield

The destruction caused by addiction is usually obvious to onlookers, but the individual caught up in this behaviour can fail to see this reality. This person will usually be in denial about their substance abuse problem, and they will likely have all type of excuses for why their life is such a mess. They may blame this on their family, their friends, their boss, the government, or just bad luck.

The individual may even be convinced that alcohol or drugs are the only good thing in life because it helps them cope.

The destruction caused by addiction can include:

  • The individual will be damaging their body and mind. If the person continues with the abuse they can do irreparable damage, and this would mean that a full recovery from addiction would no longer be possible – this would include things like liver cirrhosis or alcohol dementia
  • The individual will not only be causing harm to themselves but also their dependents and all those people who care about them. Children tend to be the ones who are damaged the most, and unfortunately, this is also the group that is least likely to understand what is going on
  • The person trapped in addiction risks losing everything. The longer they remain addicted the more that will be lost. If people are not able to stop in time this behaviour will eventually kill them
  • This type of behaviour destroys communities and is bad for society as a whole. Many addicts will turn to crime in order to support their habit, and it is associated with domestic violence as well as other forms of abuse
  • The individual will be wasting their potential and living a life that is far less than optimal

Reasons for Why People Remain Trapped in Addiction

Even when it becomes obvious to the problem drinker or drug addict that their behaviour is harming them they can still feel the need to continue. This is usually because the individual feels that there is not any better alternative. They become willing to accept the misery of addiction because of a mistaken belief that this is as good as they can get. The truth for people living in Wakefield dealing with an addiction is that there is something much better awaiting them. Once they become willing to accept outpatient addiction treatment or enter a detox clinic they will be on the brink of the most rewarding period in their life.

Here are some of the reasons why recovery is a better option for people in Wakefield struggling with addiction:

  • The most common reasons why people remain trapped in addiction are that they believe it will be too hard for them to stop. It is true that this type of major life change requires effort and at least a bit of discomfort, but it is far easier than what most substance abusers imagine. Those individuals who are prepared to consider things like alcohol and drug treatment centres will find that the process can be made even easier
  • One of the most common misconceptions about recovery is that it is boring. This type of myth is propagated by addicts as a type of cognitive dissonance. The individual feels uncomfortable with the idea that they could be living a better life so they make the excuse that other people do not really have a better life. This type of thinking may bring some comfort to the substance abuser, but it is obviously wrong because it is usually their life that is the dullest and predictable. When people enter recovery they greatly increase the number of options available in their life. There is no excuse to ever be bored – and it is more common for people in recovery to complain that there are not enough hours in the day to do all the things they want to do
  • Another reason why people refuse to consider options like rehab is that they believe that they have not yet hit rock bottom. This is due to a misconception of what rock bottom actually involves. It does not mean that the person needs to lose everything – it only means that the individual has reached a point where they are prepared to change. So long as the individual feels ready to stop this is the sign that they have hit rock bottom. Some people will have high rock bottoms and some will have low rock bottoms – the problem with a low bottom is that the person can go so far down that a full recovery is no longer possible
  • The individual can also believe that become sober means having to live like a saint. This is not the reality of it at all as the goal in sobriety is progress and not perfection

Ready for Rehab

Once the individual becomes willing to truly acknowledge the reality of their situation, they will be able to develop the motivation to quit. They will be ready for drug and alcohol rehab, and they are in a good position to start rebuilding their lives in a new and better way.

The benefits of choosing this new life will include:

  • The individual will not be giving up alcohol and drugs so that they can go back to living the way things were before the abuse. The whole point of recovery is to allow the individual to experience a new way of living that is much better than anything they have experienced before
  • One of the most amazing things about recovery as that the thing that they went looking for in substance abuse is to be found in sobriety. Once the individual builds a strong recovery, they will be able to enjoy a deep sense of inner peace and dealing with life will become easy
  • The person will be able to get back most of what was lost as a result of their addiction. In fact, if they are diligent in recovery, they will end up with far more than what was lost

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