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Drug & Alcohol Rehab in Staffordshire

If you are worried about your drinking or drug use then this is usually a sign that you need to stop. Giving up these substances without help can be difficult, and this is why it can be a better idea to get some type of help. This is particularly true if the person has previously tried to stop by themselves but failed. There are many different types of help available but one of the most effective options will be drug and alcohol rehab.

Alcohol and Drug Rehabilitation Centres in Staffordshire

When people in Staffordshire become ready to end an addiction they will often benefit from attending some type of rehab clinic. There are some individuals who are able to quit with this type of help, but there are good reasons to believe that those who do enter a treatment facility will be greatly increasing their chances of being successful. This is because many people will have already tried to give up their addiction without help and will have failed on numerous occasions.

The reality is that it is usually not easy to break away from an addiction to drugs or alcohol. Rehab can give the individual the added support and resources they need in order to finally end their addiction for good.

Good Reasons to Choose Rehab Clinics

There are some good reasons for why people in Staffordshire dealing with drug or alcohol problems should consider rehab centres:

  • The fact that the individuals choose to enter an inpatient facility proves that they are serious about giving up their addiction. They are putting their sobriety first, and so long as they have entered rehab for the right reasons (not family or work pressure) there is a great chance that they will be successful.
  • When people enter this type of in-patient facility they will be protected from the usual temptations and stresses. This is important because it means that the individual can now fully focus on getting better. They will not have to worry about making a living or taking care of family responsibilities and all their attention can be focused on just getting better.
  • The person in rehab will be surrounded by other people who are on the same journey. The community within these facilities are highly supportive and the fact that they are also overcoming their addiction means that they really understand. It is not uncommon for people to develop lifelong friendships with the people they meet in these places.
  • The fact that the person is staying in a treatment facility means that they will be surrounded by all the resources they need in order to begin building their new life. Of course, it will be up to them to make the most of these resources, but they will be in the best place to begin rebuilding their life.
  • When people attend this type of program they will usually benefit from regular counselling sessions. These can help the person get to the root of their problems, and it can also allow them to get to understand themselves a bit better. When people first become sober they can feel unsure about what it is they want out of life but an addiction counsellor will be able to help them gain insight.
  • One of the most important things that the individual does while staying in rehab is that they pick up new coping strategies. This is important because for a long time the individual will have used alcohol and drugs as a means to cope – now that they are sober they will need something different than this.

Experience of Rehab

The experience of alcohol and drug rehabilitation centres can differ greatly from what people are expecting. The individual can have fears that it is going to be like staying in some type of prison or that they will become institutionalised. The reality of rehab is much different and it is usually not an unpleasant experience at all. The type of thing that people can expect with this type of facility will include:

  • The person will usually be given their own room if they are staying in a private rehab
  • A good deal of effort goes into ensuring that these facilities offer a high degree of comfort. This is because it is now recognised that creating the right environment is one of the key elements of any treatment program. If the person feels unhappy about their surroundings they will be unlikely to get the most out of the experience
  • The private facilities will have high-quality furnishings and fixtures. These places are also kept very clean. Some facilities look like a luxurious home
  • The individual will usually have times when they will be allowed outside the facility after they have passed through detox. When the person enters the third stage of rehab they will have a lot more freedom
  • When people first arrive in these facilities they will be assessed. This is to ensure that their exact needs are met and that the treatment program is unique to their requirements
  • The individual will usually have a key worker who will take a special interest in their progress

Importance of Aftercare

By entering rehab the individual will be taking a giant step towards a life free of addiction, but their work will not be complete when they leave. It is often stated that recovery is a process and not an event. This means that the individual has to keep on making progress in order to remain sober long term.

It is vital that the good work that people do in rehab is continued once they transition back into their normal life. Those people who do not have some type of aftercare program will be the most likely to relapse back to addiction. Aftercare is important because:

  • Over time the individual can forget how bad things were. This means that their motivation to stay sober begins to wane, and they become more likely to relapse. If people have some type of aftercare, such as a recovery group, they will be reminded of what they have escaped
  • If people become stuck in recovery they will not be happy and therefore more likely to return to alcohol or drug use. It is therefore crucial that they keep on making progress
  • The reasons for why the person fell into addiction in the first place are likely to be still there, so it is vital that they get to the root of the problem and much of this work will need to be done after the person has left rehab

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