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Drug & Alcohol Rehab in Shropshire

It can be tough for us to admit that our life is getting out of control, but if we have fallen into addiction this will be exactly what is happening. The reality is that instead of using alcohol or drugs the individual is begin used by alcohol or drugs. The driving force behind the addiction is not concerned with the individual’s welfare or happiness. It is an unconscious process that is acting like malignant cancer and if left unchecked it will kill the host.

The scariest part of it all is that addiction is the only disease that is able to convince you that you don’t have it. If you are dealing with an addiction problem you need to end this as soon as possible or your sanity and life will be at risk.

The fact that denial is such a strong component of addiction means that it can be difficult to diagnose. Here are a few of the most common signs that indicate that the person is addicted:

  • The person suffers from withdrawal symptoms when they try to stop or reduce their intake of alcohol or drugs. The person may sometimes miss these symptoms as they can be mistaken for hangover symptoms
  • The individual needs to use more of the substance in order to get the same effect. This increase in tolerance is evidence that the body is adapting and consequently becoming dependent on these substances
  • The individual may feel that that they want to reduce their intake, but they fell unable to do this
  • The person does things they later regret while under the influence of alcohol or drugs
  • They have financial problems as a result of their substance abuse
  • They have legal problems as a result of their substance abuse
  • The individual has problems meeting their family, social, or work commitments due to substance abuse
  • The individual suffers from blackouts. This means that they are unable to remember periods of time during which they were intoxicated. Blackouts are a particularly worrying symptom because the individual may have committed terrible acts while under the influence, yet they won’t even remember it
  • The person has missed days off work due to the after-effects of alcohol or drugs
  • The individual becomes defensive when their alcohol or drug use is brought into question – this can be a classic sign of denial
  • The individual sometimes thinks that their life would be better if they did not use alcohol or drugs. This is a thought that social drinkers will never have
  • The person’s personality changes when they are under the influence
  • Another individual has expressed concern about the individual’s drinking or drug use

It is important to keep in mind that the individual does not need to exhibit all of these symptoms (or even most of them) to be considered addicted. The fact that the individual is concerned about their drinking or drug use is usually enough to indicate that there is a problem.

Rehab Option for Addiction Recovery

Those people in Shropshire who are currently looking for help with an addiction problem will probably want to weigh their options carefully. The choice of treatment that the individual chooses can make a real difference to their life in early sobriety. One of the things that the individual may want to consider is a luxury rehabilitation clinic. This will mean that the person will be able to enjoy a high standard of comfort while the deal with this important challenge.

Good Reasons to Choose Luxury Rehab

There are definitely some good reasons for why people from Shropshire might want to consider luxury rehabilitation centres including:

  • There are some discomforts in early recovery that are avoidable and some that are not. By choosing one of the luxury rehabilitation facilities the person will be automatically removing many of the avoidable discomforts. They will have a good standard of comfort and from there it will be easier to get the most out of the program. Some of the cheaper facilities can be short on resources and the lower levels of comfort can mean that the situation is not ideal
  • By choosing a luxury rehab the person will be starting off this new important period of their life in style. It means that they will be starting as they mean to go on. Those who have fallen low as a result of their addiction are likely to have already suffered a great deal so this new life should involve a great deal more comfort
  • By entering this type of facility the person will often have access to resources that might not be available at other rehabilitation centres. This could include things like massage, yoga, and herbal saunas. All of these additional facilities can be of great value to people who are trying to end an addiction

How can I find out more?

To speak to an advisor at ADT Healthcare, contact us today on 0800 138 0722. At ADT Healthcare, we advise on addiction rehabilitation clinics in Shropshire and across the region. We will be able to offer treatment options that are local to you.

Concerns about the Cost of Luxury Rehab

One of the things that can put people off choosing luxury rehabilitation centres is that they are worried about the costs involved. These concerns can be lessened when the individual considers the following:

  • They are likely going to be saving a good deal of money by giving up alcohol or drugs. In many cases, this savings will pay for the cost of rehab within a couple of months. This means that the individual is practically getting this level of rehab comfort for free
  • If the individual is successful in this type of program it should mean that they will have increased earning power in the future. They will be in a better position to perform well in their career or change career path to something more rewarding
  • If the individual fails to break away from addiction they will be at risk of losing everything. When this is considered the cost of luxury rehab can appear far more reasonable

Those people in Shropshire who are thinking about rehab and not sure which direction to take can contact us here for advice and assistance. This can be a difficult choice to make but it is made easier with the correct information.

How can I find out more?

To speak to an advisor at ADT Healthcare, contact us today on 0800 138 0722. At ADT Healthcare, we advise on addiction rehabilitation clinics in Shropshire and across the region. We will be able to offer treatment options that are local to you.

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