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Drug and Alcohol Rehab Treatment in Nottingham

If you live in Nottingham and require drug and alcohol rehab services, then know that a number of options exist. You have at your disposal a mixture of residential and outpatient rehab treatment options and a number of clinics that mix both of these important forms of addiction treatment.

Going to rehab in Nottingham allows you to achieve your sobriety goals and ensure your recovery is lasting. All clinics we work within Nottingham and across the East Midlands assist you in tackling the physical and emotional causes of addiction. The former is tackled through the use of detoxification, whilst the latter is tackled through the use of one-to-one and group therapy sessions and educational workshops.

During therapy sessions, you will gain assistance in helping you identify your relapse triggers. These triggers are generally emotional and environmental in nature. If you are to avoid relapse once you leave the rehab clinic in Nottingham, it is absolutely essential for you to recognise and cope with your relapse triggers. Examples of environment triggers include certain people and certain places. Put simply, if you avoid these people and places, you are less likely to experience a relapse. Examples of emotional triggers include anger, fatigue, boredom, hunger and loneliness.

How to begin drug and alcohol rehab in Nottingham?

By far the quickest way to assess your drug and alcohol rehab options in Nottingham is to contact ADT Healthcare on 0800 138 0722. When you contact us, we carry out an assessment. This assessment essentially consists of questions. These questions help us assess the nature and severity of your addiction to drugs or alcohol. We also determine your general state of mental and physical health. This allows us to correctly assess the risks and determine the level of care you will likely require during your rehab programme.

Following the completion of this assessment, we then go about matching your needs, individual characteristics and treatment wish to the rehab clinics in Nottingham that best meet this criterion. We then email you a list of recommended clinics in Nottingham. You may then contact these clinics yourself, or with your permission, we may forward your details to these clinics on your behalf. This will save you the task of making the first contact yourself.

Why should you not delay in seeking help?

For people suffering from drug and alcohol abuse, it is common for these individuals to brush aside their problems and pretend the addiction does not exist. This is known as denial. If you believe you are suffering from denial, then know that becoming aware of your denial is the first step to embarking on change.

However, it is essential for you to realise that delaying help for your drug or alcohol addiction is perhaps the worst decision you could make. Why? Because addiction is a progressive disorder, so taking no action will ensure your situation only gets worse and worse. At ADT Healthcare, we believe early intervention is key to succeeding in recovery. We have made it our mission to ensure your call for help is met with a timely and professional response.

Over the past decade, we have assisted many thousands of people seeking recovery in Nottingham and across the East Midlands. We achieve this aim by working closely with a range of organisations including private rehab providers, charities, the NHS and council-funded rehab clinics. This vast range of options ensures we may cater to your precise needs.

What’s the best way forward?

If you have never attended a drug or alcohol rehab in Nottingham before, then you may wonder how to proceed. When you contact ADT Healthcare, we shall explain exactly how to proceed in terms of selecting and then attending a suitable drug or alcohol rehab in Nottingham. Following the completion of the telephone assessment, we shall discuss the types of treatment for addiction available in Nottingham.

Broadly speaking, the majority of people seeking addiction treatment will attend a residential rehab clinic. Residential treatment is then followed up with outpatient treatment by way of aftercare sessions. Residential treatment is usually the preferred method of drug and alcohol treatment because it is the most comprehensive and intensive option available.

When you enter a residential rehab in Nottingham, you will not return to your home for around 10 to 28 days. During this period, you will undertake a detox, and you will also attend daily therapy sessions. The detox allows you to stop drinking alcohol or using drugs without experiencing withdrawal symptoms. To meet this aim, you will be given medications that allow you to manage withdrawal symptoms safely. During the detox, your complex care needs will be fully met by an in-house team of medical professionals.

Will rehab really allow me to make long term improvements to my life?

The answer to this question is that going to a drug or alcohol rehab clinic in Nottingham will most certainly allow you to change your life for the better. However, no amount of rehab will work if you are not motivated in embracing that change. What is clear, however, is that if you are motivated to change, going to rehab will facilitate that change faster than any other form of treatment.

Following the completion of your rehab programme in Nottingham, you will notice immediate improvements in your state of physical and mental health. People will likely comment on your positive transformation. You will also improve relationships with your loved ones who have likely suffered due to your addiction to drugs and alcohol in the past.

Contact ADT Healthcare before it is too late

At ADT Healthcare, we believe with the right amount of rehab treatment, your future will be bright. We help to ensure your recovery and long term sobriety goals are made a reality. Following the completion of your rehab programme, we believe all aspects of your existence will improve. Get started today by contacting ADT Healthcare on 0800 138 0722.

We offer access to suitable drug and alcohol rehab clinics across the East Midlands area including Nottingham, Mansfield, Derby, Newark-on-Trent and Leicester.

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