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Drug and Alcohol Rehab Treatment in Leeds

If you live in Leeds and your addiction to drugs or alcohol is beginning to spiral out of control, then know that help is here. At ADT Healthcare, we assist thousands of individuals in Leeds each year in their quest to obtain long-term sobriety, and we are here to help you too.

If you suffer from an addiction to drugs or alcohol, then it is important for you to understand you are suffering from a serious disease requiring immediate medical intervention in the form of structured and assisted detoxification. Fortunately, there are many detox clinics in Leeds and the surrounding areas. When you contact ADT Healthcare, we carry out a full telephone assessment. This helps us in recommending the most suitable detox clinics in Leeds.

NHS vs. private drug and alcohol rehab in Leeds

Since 2012, the Government stripped the NHS of its role when it comes to administering drug and alcohol rehab clinics. These powers have now been passed on to local councils. This action has resulted in significant reductions in the amount of money made available to drug and alcohol rehab clinics. In fact, since 2012, a large number of publically run rehab clinics have closed their doors due to a lack of local funding.

This lack of funding has inflicted serious hardship on those who seek these types of services across the United Kingdom, and Leeds has not been immune to this hardship. One alternative is to self-fund your own treatment at a private rehab clinic in Leeds. When you contact ADT Healthcare, we assist you in selecting private drug and alcohol rehab clinics in Leeds that are within your budget. The vast majority of clinics we work with offer highly affordable treatment that’s well within most people’s means.

Opting for a private rehab clinic ensures you are able to access addiction treatment instantly. Waiting for publically funded treatment will only serve to aggravate the symptoms of your addiction. Councils typically apply strict triaging criteria when assessing your needs. This ensures limited council funding is restricted to those with the most complex and grave health concerns.

How to gain access to a private drug or alcohol rehab in Leeds?

As stated above, the quickest route into a drug or alcohol rehab clinic in Leeds is to self-fund your treatment at a private rehab clinic. This will ensure you skip the queue and avoid triaging criteria that apply to publically funded addiction treatment.

In Leeds, a number of quality rehabs are in operation. When you contact ADT Healthcare, we assist by recommending only those rehabs that are effectively able to meet your needs. We offer an unbiased assessment of the various strengths and potential weaknesses of each rehab clinic in Leeds. You will then be able to make a more informed decision regarding which particular treatment clinic.

What happens when I arrive at a rehab clinic in Leeds?

If you are addicted to drugs or alcohol, the first task is to undergo a detox. Here, withdrawal symptoms will be correctly and safely managed. To achieve this, you will be given medication. Before your detox begins, you will undergo a consultation with a practising psychiatrist. This specialist doctor will assess your state of physical and mental health. A full risk assessment will be carried out. If your care needs are judged to be too complex, you may require hospital admission. If your care needs are not too complex, you will begin your assisted detox programme without delay.

A drug or alcohol detox will continue for around 7-10 days. For severe drug or alcohol addiction, the detox process may continue for around 14 days, although this is a relatively rare occurrence. All treatment is offered in a residential setting. This means you will receive care throughout the day and the night. You will return home only when your rehabilitation programme is complete.

Typically, rehab programmes run for around 28 days in total, although you may elect to undergo a slightly shorter or longer programme. The precise duration of your treatment programme is influenced by the severity of your addiction and the amount of time you have available in order to remain in the rehab clinic.

Once your detox programme is complete, you will begin to attend therapy sessions. Whilst detox aims to remove harmful substances from your system, therapy aims to detox your mind and spirit. You will identify your addiction triggers and you will then go on to develop relapse prevention strategies that allow you to live your life without giving in to cravings or other pressures to return to drug or alcohol use.

What happens during therapy sessions?

During therapy sessions, you will be assisted in delving deeply into your thoughts to assess why you resort to drink or drugs in the first place. This will allow you to discover your addiction triggers. These triggers may include memories of past traumatic events, negative emotions and certain environmental cues. Our skilled therapists will help you confront these triggers in ways that allow you to manage your triggers without falling back on drug or alcohol abuse. Therapy sessions take place in groups or individually with your therapist.

Additional services offered at rehab clinics in Leeds

Whilst detoxification and therapy sessions are ‘bread and butter’ when it comes to rehab clinics, your overall rehabilitation programme also incorporates a tremendous amount of activities that do not fall under the hood of either detoxification or therapy. For instance, the majority of clinics we work within Leeds also offer holistic treatments, educational workshops and nutritional advice. This vast amount of assistance you receive ensures private rehab clinics offer excellent value for money.

How will rehab clinics in Leeds assist me after the completion of rehab?

If you are genuinely considering attending a rehab clinic in Leeds, you will probably wonder what sort of assistance the rehab clinic will offer following the completion of your programme. Once you return home, your resolve will be tested because you will be exposed to the old addiction triggers that contributed to your addiction initially.

To ensure you do not suffer from relapse, rehab clinics in Leeds offer an extended aftercare programme. During weekly aftercare sessions, you will return to the rehab clinic and undergo group therapy sessions. You will also be encouraged to attend additional third-party support groups taking place in your local area. Local mutual support groups are run by organisations such as Alcoholics Anonymous, Narcotics Anonymous and SMART Recovery.

Contact ADT Healthcare before it is too late

At ADT Healthcare, we believe with the right amount of rehab treatment, your future will be bright. We help to ensure your recovery and long-term sobriety goals are made a reality. Following the completion of your rehab programme, we believe all aspects of your existence will improve. Get started today by contacting ADT Healthcare on 0800 138 0722.

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