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Drug & Alcohol Rehab in the Isle of Man

Most people that have a problem with drugs or alcohol in the Isle of Man area will eventually seek out help for their addiction. They will want to break the habit but it is an extremely difficult thing to accomplish on their own; in fact, few will actually succeed on their own. However, most will seek the services of a treatment centre or rehab to help them on their way to a life of drug or alcohol-free living.

Asking for help is the first step to a better future but some will be reluctant to admit that they even have a problem. The issue here is that if they do not admit they have a problem, how will they be helped? Call us now on 0800 138 0722 and we can give you all the advice and information you need for getting help and treatment.

Some of the main reasons for seeking out help are listed here:

  • Very few people are able to break the addiction on their own. Drug or alcohol addiction is extremely difficult to break and the body will suffer withdrawal symptoms once the process has started. This is also where the issue of relapsing can occur
  • When abusers of alcohol or drugs really try, they may be able to stay away from their substance of choice for some time. However, there is more to treatment than merely stopping the habit. To remain sober, they will have to learn new coping skills and stay away from situations that may tempt them back into their old lifestyle. There may be other underlying problems that the individual has not spoken about; therefore, if these are not dealt with, chances are it will happen all over again
  • Many people will start their bad behaviour at a young age when they have not had an opportunity to learn coping skills. Once they have started the process of abstaining from their substance of choice, they will struggle a lot to deal with everyday things that they only saw through a haze before. This is why rehab is the best place to begin the treatment
  • Some people will suffer severe symptoms when they stop taking whatever they have been using, so they will certainly have to have medical supervision while they are treated. This is also the stage where relapse is a most likely to strike. However, if they are supervised through this stage, they are likely to succeed with their treatment plan
  • It is obvious that the surroundings of the recovering individual must change. They will have to move in different circles if they want to stay sober. This is where inpatient services at rehab centres come into their own

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To discover the various drug and alcohol rehab options in the Isle of Man, get in touch with us today on 0800 138 0722. We are able to recommend clinics across the Isle of Man.

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