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Drug & Alcohol Rehab in Enfield

One of the reasons for why people can remain trapped in substance abuse for a long time is that they believe that it is benefiting their life in some way. The individual may also be completely unaware of just how much this behaviour is damaging their life. When people are addicted to these substances they develop denial about their problems. They will have all types of excuses for why their life is going downhill, and they are likely to feel convinced that substance abuse is helping them cope.

The reality is that this individual is doing something similar to the person who bangs their head with a hammer in the hope of curing their headache.

Here are just a few of the good reasons why people need to break away from substance abuse:

  • The reality of substance abuse is that once the person becomes physically and psychologically dependent (addicted) they will be caught in a downward spiral. This means that their life will steadily deteriorate over time. The individual will still have good days as well as bad days, but the overall trend will be downwards. This means that the longer the person remains trapped in this behaviour the more they will suffer. It therefore just makes sense that they should try to break away from this suffering as soon as possible
  • If it was just the individual who suffered as a result of the addiction, they might be able to argue that they should be free to do what they want. The reality is though, that it is not just the individual who suffers. They will also be causing misery for their family and friends – it will usually be the children who suffer the most. Addiction is also damaging for communities and society as a whole, and this means that it would be unfair that one person should be allowed to inflict such pain so that they can engage in substance abuse
  • Drugs and alcohol act like toxins in the body, and they can do a great deal of damage as a result. The longer the person remains addicted, the more damage they will inflict on their body. The individual will eventually reach a point where they have inflicted so much damage that they will not be able to recover from it. Two good examples of this would be wet brain (alcohol dementia) and liver cirrhosis. These are chronic conditions that the individual will be unable to able to recover from
  • The longer the person waits to break away from this behaviour the harder it will be for them to stop. This is because substance abuse lowers self-efficacy in regards to recovery– the belief that the person has in their ability to stop. When self-efficacy is low it creates a self-fulfilling prophecy. The fact that the individual believes that they are not able to stop means that they are unable to stop

When to Stop Substance Abuse in Enfield

Even when the individual realises that they should stop the substance abuse, they will often still delay this move. This is because the person is waiting for a special time to arrive.

The person may be doing this for a number of reasons such as:

  • The reason that they want to get as much enjoyment as they can out of the substance abuse before they give up
  • They believe that they will need to hit a certain rock bottom before they will be able to stop
  • The individual is ambivalent (in two minds) about recovery – they want to stop, but they also want to keep on using alcohol or drugs

These excuses for delaying recovery are dangerous because:

  • If the person continues with the abuse they are going to keep on suffering more and more
  • There is no guarantee that the individual will be able to stop in the future. It may be the case that by continuing the behaviour the individual is reducing their chances of recovery
  • The person will eventually cross a line where a full recovery will no longer be possible
  • If the person is waiting for some type of magical rock bottom, they will be playing dice with their life. The only rock bottom that the person needs to be concerned about is where they are now – that is their rock bottom
  • The reason why people can remain ambivalent about addiction is that they secretly hope that the good days of substance abuse will return. The reality is that they will never return. This is like a man who has lost his arm to wait for them to grow back
  • There is no excuse for prolonging the suffering of loved ones. The longer the person remains addicted the more these people will suffer

Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation Centres in Enfield

One of the best options for drug and alcohol help in Enfield will be rehab. This facility will provide the individual with all the help they need in an inpatient environment. The fact that the person is able to stay in this treatment centres means that they can focus completely on getting better. They will also be surrounded by all the support and help that they need. The aim of this type of facility is not just to help the individual stop using alcohol or drugs, but to also give them to tools for building a successful life.

The ways that people will benefit from this type of facility will include:

  • Improved coping mechanisms
  • An investigation into the causes of their addiction
  • Overcoming the roots of their addiction
  • Tools for being successful in recovery
  • Relapse prevention techniques

How can I find out more?

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