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Drug & Alcohol Rehab in Cheltenham

ADT Healthcare is a free helpline that helps you to connect with local drug and alcohol rehab clinics in Cheltenham and across the South West of England. Many of these clinics offer outstanding inpatient rehab treatment. This form of treatment is ideal because it means you or your loved one will be removed from your drug or alcohol using environment whilst treatment is received.

There are all kinds of stereotypes associated with the word “addiction.” When it is mentioned that a person is addicted to alcohol or drugs the usual image that will be conjured up in people’s mind is somebody who:

  • Functions poorly in life
  • Has financial problems
  • Breaks the law in order to feed their habit
  • Has poor hygiene standards and is badly groomed
  • Has a very bad employment record and most likely will be unemployable
  • This individual will be estranged from their community
  • They will be viewed by most people as struggling in life
  • They will drink or use drugs first thing in the morning
  • They will leave in cheap accommodation or be homeless
  • They will buy drugs in back alleys from criminals
  • This person will drink cheap alcohol and may even turn to industrial alcohol if they have no money
  • They will become violent when they are inebriated
  • The person breaks the law when they purchase illegal drugs

This stereotype may apply to a small proportion of people who fall into addiction, but it certainly does not describe the majority. This stereotype falls short in many different ways.

It is possible for the individual to be addicted to alcohol or drugs yet:

  • Outwardly appear to be functioning well in life
  • Have plenty of money and even considered to be rich
  • Never break the law to feed their habit – they’ve no need to
  • Have a very high standard of personal hygiene and grooming. The individual may always wear the best designer clothes
  • This person might be considered a huge success in their career
  • They may be viewed as a respectable member of their community. They may even be a local hero
  • Most people could view them as an example of a success story
  • This person might never drink until the evening
  • They could live in an expensive house in the nicest part of town
  • They might only ever buy drugs from somebody who works in their office
  • The individual might only ever drink champagne or other expensive drinks
  • They might be able to show plenty of control while under the influence even though their inner world is in turmoil
  • The person might only use drugs that have been prescribed by a doctor. It may be that they have fooled the doctor into doing this, or that the physician is behaving unethically for profit

The stereotype of addiction is inaccurate in most cases so it should not be taken too seriously. Alcohol and drug addiction cover a wide range of behaviours, and the drugs in question do not need to be illegal.

Prescription Medication Addiction

Prescription medication abuse is on the rise and there are many people in the Cheltenham who find themselves dealing with this type of problem. In many of these cases, the individual will have just slipped into this abuse. They will have originally taken the prescription medication for legitimate reasons but somewhere along the way, they slipped into recreational use. It is also common for people dealing with this type of addiction to be in complete denial about the problem. They may refuse to acknowledge the signs of their addiction and that they need some type of addiction treatment.

How to Spot Prescription Medication Addiction

The most obvious sign that people in Cheltenham might have crossed the line into prescription medication abuse is that they are no longer using these medications as they are prescribed.

The other symptoms that would indicate the need for addiction treatment would include:

  • The individual feels like they need to hide the extent of their prescription drug use. They may feel guilty about their behaviour
  • The person has told their physician untruths in the hope of getting another prescription for the drug
  • They have gone to see new physicians in the hope of getting more of this drug
  • The individual may use this drug for reasons other than how it is prescribed. For example, the individual may begin to use opiates for the enjoyable feeling it creates rather than to manage their pain
  • The individual may try to obtain this drug from non-legitimate sources
  • The person spends a great deal of their time thinking about how they will be able to get more of the drug

How can I find out more?

To speak to an advisor at ADT Healthcare, contact us today on 0800 138 0722. At ADT Healthcare, we advise on addiction rehabilitation clinics in Cheltenham and across the region. We will be able to offer treatment options that are local to you.

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