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Drug & Alcohol Rehab in Bromley

It is important that those people in Bromley who are struggling with substance abuse problems make use of the available drug and alcoholic help. These are resources that can give the individual the extra help they need in order to overcome their addiction problems. It is not necessary for the person living in Bromley to have a serious addiction problem before they can begin to get help. The sooner the person does decide to get help the easier it will be for them. Addiction support is particularly important though, for those people who have been addicted for many years.

Where to Find Support for Recovery

The more support that the individual has in recovery the easier it will be for them to succeed. These supporters can encourage the individual to keep going when things become hard and they can boost the person’s self-esteem. Of course, it is also important to keep in mind that no amount of support is going to help the person who is reluctantly sober to overcome their addiction. It is only when the person is 100% ready for recovery that the right type of support can make a real difference.

One of the problems that people in Bromley are likely to have when they first give up their addiction is that they lose their social support network. This is because it will be a bad idea for the individual to continue to spend time with their drinking and drug-using friends. Without this support group to turn to the individual can feel alone and unsupported, and this is why it is so important for them to begin developing a new social network.

The job of developing a social network of sober contacts will usually begin in drug and alcohol rehabilitation centres. Here the individual will be surrounded by individuals who are on the exact same path as them. It is common for people to leave this type of facility with friends who they will know for the rest of their life. Another good place to find sober support will be in the recovery groups. These fellowships are not only about providing the individual with a program for a living, but there is also an important social element as well. The fact that the person will be regularly spending time with other people on a sober path can make a huge difference.

The individual may be surprised at just how easy it is to build a sober network. This is because the majority of people in the world are not substance abusers. It is not necessary for sober friends to be ex-addicts, but such friendships can be valuable in early recovery. The main thing is that members of this new social network do not actively encourage the individual to use alcohol or drugs. Humans are also highly influenced by the people they spend time with so it also makes sense to try to spend more time with positive people. In Alcoholics Anonymous they talk about sticking with the winners.

Need for Drug and Alcohol Rehab

Fellowship meetings can be a great help, but in order to get a firm foundation in recovery, it is often necessary for the individual to enter some type of rehab facility.

The benefits of doing this would include:

  • Some people will struggle to make it through their initial withdrawal symptoms without at least some support. There will also be those individuals who will be at risk of a severe form of withdrawal symptoms known as delirium tremens. It is vital that these individuals have their withdrawals medically supervised. Most rehabs also act as detox centres, and this means that the individual will have their withdrawals medically supervised in a protective environment. There will also be treatments available (for example, drugs to help ease symptoms) that will make the individual more comfortable during the detox period
  • There will be a reason for why the individual will have turned to substance abuse, and it is highly likely that this reason will still be there when the individual becomes sober. This means that they will be back where they started and this reason for addiction might cause them to relapse or drive them to new maladaptive behaviours
  • Most people who try to break away from addiction will give up within the first few weeks. This is the most difficult period in recovery, and this is why the person will be more likely to relapse here. By entering rehab the individual will be supported during this time when their recovery is most vulnerable. This means that by the time they return home they will be in a much better position to commit to long term sobriety
  • The rehab provides the individual with a therapeutic environment. This magnifies their motivation and thus increases their chances of success
  • By entering a drug and alcohol rehabilitation centre the individual is demonstrating that they are serious about ending the addiction. They are willing to do whatever it takes and so long as the individual maintains this determination they will not fail
  • The individual will have all the help and the resources they need available under one roof
  • Another important benefit of rehab is that it provides the individual with the opportunity to focus fully on their recovery. The individual will be able to take a break from their usual concerns and responsibilities. During their time in rehab, the only thing that the person really has to worry about is getting better

How can I find out more?

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