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Drug & Alcohol Rehab in Brighton

Addiction has been studied for many years. In the past, it was thought that those who become addicted do so through their own choice and weakness of character. Nowadays, addiction has been recognised as a disease. People may already be predisposed to addiction if their parents have addictive personalities and used drugs and alcohol around them as children.

Damaging effects of addiction

Being dependent on alcohol or drugs can have dire consequences on a person’s physical and mental health as well as their overall well-being.

  • They may become clinically depressed and try to take their lives. The highs and lows with substance abuse exacerbate any emotional problem and can lead people to see things disproportionately
  • For those in a long-term relationship, drug and alcohol abuse can lead to spouses and partners leaving. They might feel as though there is no helping the person. People with young children may feel like the only way to protect the children’s future is to leave and make sure they are not around the addict in question
  • They may suffer from mood swings, leading to violent confrontations with people they know as well as strangers
  • Substance abusers will break the law to get hold of their substances and may even turn to crime to fund their habit if they have no other means of payment

Is rehab for you?

Many addicts struggle with the fact that they have a problem. They can believe that they only use drugs and alcohol in a recreational way. Yet they will not see that the amount of deception that needs to take place for them to have this ‘fun’ is not proportionate to somebody who has no real interest in taking drugs or drinking.

If somebody has gone through any of the above feelings or activities, it is a sign that they need help because they are no longer able to make rational decisions.

Rehab can help

When dealing with addiction, some people will instantly look to lay blame on somebody. This might be the substance abuser themselves for being weak, or their parents for being a bad influence. It could be that the substance abuser suffered some trauma that they use drugs and alcohol to forget about. Whatever the reason, the blame will not help anybody get over addiction.

Brighton drug rehab clinics specialise in giving patients a chance at another life. Defeating an addiction successfully is turning a corner, but also involves a complete change of character. Rehab alcohol and drugs are the only answer to curing the problem of addiction, however. Only here can the right treatment be given to people. Help for alcoholics and substance abusers is available in Brighton rehab centres, but here are the various aspects of treatment which will be used to help individuals beat their addictions.

Cleansing the Mind

  • Detoxification is the act of clearing the mind and body of any of the hazardous substances still in the body
  • These treatment programs differ depending on the individuals as each addiction is different. Drug rehab clinics assess each person before deciding on which type of program is right for them
  • Special medications are commonly used to provide help for alcoholics and drug addicts who are having issues defeating their withdrawal symptoms

Communal Support

  • Group support sessions in rehab enable people to make connections with others who are exactly like them. It’s not uncommon for residents to have never met somebody who has an addiction before
  • These support groups are conducted on an informal basis. A relaxed atmosphere tends to have better results as it encourages people to get involved without fear of judgement
  • Over time, patients tend to reveal things about themselves. The whole group is designed to help everybody through the emotional times which they will undoubtedly experience within the drug rehab clinics of Brighton

In Confidence

  • Private counselling is where resident discuss their issues in confidence with a trained substance abuse counsellor
  • Nothing will be revealed outside the confines of the session unless the express permission of the patient is given
  • These discussions within rehab alcohol and drugs are supposed to get to the bottom of the addiction. By discovering the real issue causing the addiction it’s hoped it can be tackled so the individual won’t feel the need to turn to drugs and alcohol again

Creative Endeavours

  • Courses and classes offered to patients allow the chance to develop various skills which can be used in the outside world
  • These skills are primarily geared towards finding a job once the residential rehab program has been completed. Those who are able to find a job have traditionally better chances of maintaining their abstinence into the distant future
  • On the other hand, these endeavours can provide residents with an outlet. Outlets are essential for defeating the pull of withdrawal symptoms and cravings during rehab, as well as outside of rehab

Each aspect of treatment is crucial to ensuring treatment for patients. Although every person has a different reason for beginning the road to addiction, these treatment options will be employed for every patient. Studies have shown how effective they are at reinforcing abstinence. Ultimately, all of these things render people the chance to completely rebuild their lives again.

What happens if it doesn’t Work?

If everyone went to rehab and succeeded in giving up their addiction first time around, there would be no room in any rehab facility across the globe. One of the main reasons that people are dubious about going to rehab is because they are scared that they will fail.

Relapse can be as big as a part of rehabilitation as anything. Sometimes, people need to make mistakes in order to learn from them. There is no guarantee that rehabilitation will work. But if it doesn’t and a patient relapses, they can re-apply and go back to rehab to try again. No judgement will be passed and they will be welcomed with the same amount of dedication that they received the first time around.

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