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Drug and Alcohol Rehab Treatment in Worcestershire

ADT healthcare is a free helpline that aims to assist your search for drug and alcohol rehab in Worcestershire. Attending rehab means you will receive all the help and care that you need to overcome your addiction for good. We offer you a free telephone assessment so that we may recommend drug and alcohol rehabs in Worcestershire that are suited to your needs.

To learn more about this effective, confidential and free services, contact us today on 0800 138 0722. Our helpline is available 24-hours a day, so please contact us even if you are reading this message late at night or early in the morning.

The stigma associated with addiction

The vast majority of people are clueless when it comes to drug and alcohol addiction. You may hear people say you suffer from addiction simply because ‘that’s just who you are’. These beliefs are misguided and should be wholly rejected. Instead, addiction is an illness not unlike any other. Addiction is not a behaviour and it is not due to some sort of personality flaw.

Because addiction is an illness, treatment is required in order to overcome it. In the modern era, fortunately, exists many different types of addiction treatment. These treatments are either spiritual, medical or therapeutic in nature. You may begin an addiction treatment programme via outpatient counselling, residential rehab or mutual support groups.

Addiction is often portrayed negatively by the press. It’s common for celebrities suffering from addiction to be branded as pariahs who must be publicly shamed. This is not the response that’s met by people suffering from any other type of illness. This enhanced level of stigma is unique in the way it affects those suffering from addiction.

The real tragedy is that this stigma attached to addiction often prevents sufferers from seeking out treatment. Society tells you that you are a bad person for being addicted to drugs or alcohol, which ironically makes it even more difficult to seek out the treatment that would act to put an end to your addiction. It’s thus unarguable that the stigma attached to addiction actually perpetuates addiction in all its forms.

Stereotypes associated with addiction

Popular stereotypes associated with addiction may cause you to believe that you cannot be suffering from alcoholism or drug addiction because you are not homeless and unemployed. Again, these stereotypes are erroneous and unhelpful. Many people suffering from addiction are otherwise highly functioning individuals. We urge you to challenge these stereotypes whenever you come into contact with them.

If you are ready to overcome the negative stereotypes and misconceptions surrounding addiction, then it’s likely you are ready to seek out help. Seeking out help is a declaration that your addiction isn’t your fault. Addiction is not a reflection of your identity. Instead, you are experiencing an illness that must be corrected through the use of professional addiction treatment.

It’s unarguable that addiction causes low self-esteem and social isolation. You may feel you are a ‘lost cause’ with no prospect of succeeding in your recovery. When you contact ADT Healthcare, we will help you realise that this sort of negative thinking has no basis in reality and that you can succeed in your recovery. We will also assist in you selecting drug and alcohol rehab in Worcestershire that will help you through your recovery journey and ensure this dark chapter in your life is confined to the past.

Many of our helpline advisors have defeated addiction in the past, so we understand what you may be feeling whilst you reach out for our help. We are non-judgemental and highly empathetic to your call for help.

Accessing your readiness to begin drug and alcohol rehab in Worcestershire

If you are a high function addict, then it’s likely you may experience denial. Denial involves telling yourself that you are not an addict. You may even tell yourself that you simply drink too much alcohol or use too many drugs and that you can reign this behaviour when the time feels right.

This type of thinking is collectively described as a denial. If you experience this type of thinking, know that it’s only yourself that you are fooling.

Another issue that may prevent you from seeking out drug and alcohol rehab in Worcestershire is the seemingly never-ending number of excuses you make to yourself as to why you shouldn’t seek out treatment. You may tell yourself that you are too busy or that going to rehab isn’t worth it because it will get in the way of other commitments. Again, you are simply putting off the inevitable, so it’s best to prioritise your rehab treatment rather than putting it off.

One sign that rehab is needed is that you cannot control the urge the drinking alcohol or use drugs. You may promise yourself that you will never again use these substances again, but powerful urges are too powerful to control meaning you resume your drug and alcohol use over and over again.

Another sign that rehab is needed is that your addiction is negatively impacting your lifestyle in ways that can only be described as significant. For instance, if your addiction is causing you to lose your job or to damage the bond you have with loved ones, it’s likely that you are ready to admit that your life has become an unmanageable and professional drug and alcohol rehab is needed.

Locating suitable drug and alcohol rehab clinics in Worcestershire

If you relate to the above, you may discover which particular drug and alcohol rehabs in Worcestershire are suited to your needs by contacting ADT Healthcare on 0800 138 0722. We understand that accepting you are addicted to drugs and alcohol isn’t easy, and we are here to ensure this process of seeking out treatment is as simple as possible.

ADT Healthcare maintains a large database of drug and alcohol rehab providers in Worcestershire. Many of these providers are difficult to locate when you undertake your own research. Also, we know exactly which rehabs may be better suited to your needs than others thanks to the free assessment we offer when you contact us.

Specifically, we shall determine the level and severity of your addiction. This helps us make an informed assessment of the type of rehab that’s likely to suit your needs in overcoming your addiction. If we feel your addiction is too severe to consider outpatient addiction treatment, we will generally recommend you undertake your treatment at an inpatient drug and alcohol rehab in Worcestershire.

Residential rehab offers a distraction-free environment where you will benefit from 24/7 medical assistance. Important, bad influences and temptations will not be accessible when you undertake residential rehab treatment in Worcestershire.

When it comes to treating addiction, time is of the essence. If you delay seeking out treatment, your condition will continue to deteriorate. It’s highly likely that you already suffer from health problems due to your addiction. Addiction also causes many long-term and permanent health problems, so if you delay seeking out treatment, it’s likely at least some of this damage to your health will be irreversible.

Your addiction is also capable of inflicting damage on your lifestyle, professional career and family life. It’s likely that your close family members must witness this madness in utter despair. In fact, witnessing a caregiver’s addiction is traumatic for both young children and teenagers alike. For these reasons, it’s vitally important that you overcome denial and seek out professional treatment for your addiction in order to minimise these negative consequences.

To learn about suitable drug and alcohol rehabs in Worcestershire, contact ADT Healthcare today on 0800 138 0722. We are able to place you in rehabs across the Worcestershire region in Worcester, Bromsgrove, Droitwich Spa, Evesham, Great Malvern, Kidderminster, Redditch, Stourbridge and Stourport-on-Severn.

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