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Drug and Alcohol Rehab Treatment in Warwickshire

ADT Healthcare is a free helpline existing to help you locate effective and affordable alcohol and drug rehab services in Warwickshire. Many of the rehab clinics we recommend offer a medically assisted detox followed by a robust programme of therapy and aftercare.

In Warwickshire, we work closely with rehab clinics that treat a range of drug, alcohol, prescription drug and behavioural addictions. Our partner rehab clinics in Warwickshire also treat underlying mental health issues that often co-occur with addiction. This approach ensures the underlying causes of addiction are thoroughly tackled during treatment.

What happens before and during addiction treatment?

Addiction treatment is surprisingly relatively straightforward. In fact, most people enjoy spending time at a rehab clinic and many are also sad to say goodbye when their treatment programme concludes. The reality of attending a rehab clinic usually sharply contrasts with the feelings of fear you probably have before you go into rehab. After all, it’s only natural to fear the unknown.

Please be assured that you truly have nothing to worry about when it comes to beginning your rehab programme. When you contact ADT Healthcare on 0800 138 0722, we discuss the rehab process in much detail. We also provide a brief overview of what to expect when attending a drug or alcohol rehab clinic in Warwickshire below.

Pre-admission stage

A full assessment is conducted before you enter a rehab. This assessment allows us to gather relevant facts that inform the rehab clinic about the extent and history of your drug or alcohol addiction. The assessment also seeks to determine your general condition from a mental and physical standpoint. The assessment will also seek to determine your personal treatment goals.

Following the completion of this initial assessment, your admission date will be agreed. Usually, you will be able to access private rehabs within 24-hours following the completion of this assessment. If you apply for publicly funded rehab, your application could take up to six months to process. For this reason, the vast majority of callers we assist do opt to pay for rehab privately. However, ADT Healthcare will assist you in selecting rehab treatments that are affordable and effective in Warwickshire.

Before you enter rehab, a team of experts will review your admission assessment notes and a tailored rehab programme will then be planned. Tailored rehab programmes are a staple of modern-day addiction treatment. By designing your treatment around your specific needs, your treatment programme is much more likely to result in long-term success in terms of you meeting your abstinence goals.

Admission and detox

Upon admission into a rehab clinic, you will undergo a more thorough physical and psychological assessment. This assessment is conducted by a qualified and registered psychiatrist. This psychiatrist will prescribe medication that allows you to detox without experiencing overbearing withdrawal symptoms.

Medical staff will be on hand throughout your detox to ensure your needs are met. This enhanced level of care also ensures you do not suffer from complex withdrawal symptoms during your detox which could potentially be life-threatening in the absence of this care. These medical experts will be on hand literally 24 hours a day since a medical emergency could arise no matter what time of day it may be.

The need to undergo a medically assisted detox could indeed be the sole reason why you wish to receive treatment from the safety of a residential rehab and detox clinic in Warwickshire. Undergoing a detox is considered a risky medical procedure, and for this reason, you should never contemplate undergoing a detox without 24-hour medical assistance. This level of care is typically only available via a hospital or a rehab clinic.

Whilst you detox, you will begin to undertake therapeutic treatment that aims to nullify the emotional causes of addiction. The number of therapy sessions may be limited whilst you undergo a detox, purely because you feel physically weak during your detox. However, eventually, you will begin to build up strength and this will allow you to attend more and more therapy sessions.

The therapeutic stage of rehab

Following the completion of your detox, you will begin to solely focus your attention on therapy sessions. Each rehab clinic we recommend in Warwickshire employs a multi-disciplinary team of therapists. Each therapist will assist you along the way, arming you with the toolset you need to solidify your long-term recovery and sobriety.

Therapy sessions are accompanied by educational workshops that aim to explain the science of addiction and the associated damage your addiction is inflicting on your health. These workshops provide the additional motivation that’s needed to maintain your recovery for the long-term. For instance, you will be educated that addiction is not a moral failing. Instead, you will be taught that addiction is actually a neurological disease that affects the mind.

You will be assigned to a single key worker. This person is also a qualified counsellor. You will work closely with this person to ensure you are meeting your treatment goals. This person will also act as a sponsor to ensure you are meeting your recovery goals even once you have left the rehab clinic’s care.

Therapy sessions aim to make use of evidence-based techniques that are proven to work. This includes a range of therapies such as one-to-one therapy, group therapy, relapse prevention techniques and art therapy.

You will also be introduced to external support groups such as Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous. These groups make use of the 12-steps, and you will be thoroughly briefed on the 12-steps during your rehab programme.

Do I receive support even once rehab has concluded?

Before your rehab programme concludes, an aftercare programme will be planned by the therapists who assisted you during your rehab. Part of your aftercare programme will be weekly aftercare sessions. Aftercare sessions incorporate one-to-one counselling and group therapy sessions. Aftercare sessions also include 12-step meetings. This allows you to supplement Alcoholics Anonymous or Narcotics Anonymous meetings with aftercare sessions for maximum effectiveness.

Aftercare also incorporates family therapy, and your family members will also be encouraged to attend local Al-Anon meetings taking place throughout the Warwickshire region.

Rehabs in Warwickshire will also assist you in applying for social housing or sober housing facilities taking place at long-term rehab facilities. These facilities are open to people who have already undergone a detox, and you may be able to stay in these facilities for up to a year.

Contact ADT Healthcare today to learn more. Not taking action will only ensure your addiction gets progressively worse. Take back control today by contacting us on 0800 138 0722. We maintain a partnership with rehabs across Warwickshire in Leamington Spa, Stratford-upon-Avon, Nuneaton, Warwick and Bedworth.

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