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Drug and Alcohol Rehab Treatment in Somerset

Once you have completed a drug and alcohol rehab in Somerset, you will be well on your way towards living a happier and more fulfilling life in recovery. You will begin to believe that abstinence is an achievable goal. All aspects of your life will benefit from this belief.

If you have been addicted to drugs and alcohol for many years, it is difficult to build up hope that life can change. When you attend rehab, expert drug and alcohol counsellors will work closely with you to help you build up the confidence that you can indeed succeed in your recovery.

Drug and alcohol rehab clinics we recommend in Somerset offer holistic treatment programmes that aim to treat the whole person from a physical, mental and spiral standpoint.

Once you have completed your rehab programme, you will no longer be faced with a situation where you have to fight urges to return to drugs and alcohol alone. This is because you will start to benefit from the assistance of your peers who also live their lives according to the principles of recovery.

What’s the purpose of going to rehab?

Rehabs generally insist on you remaining in their care for around 4-weeks. You may wonder why such a lengthy amount of time is required in order to rehabilitate from drug and alcohol addiction. The primary reason is that addiction is a negative coping mechanism. Addiction helps you self-medicate deep-seated emotional problems.

Unfortunately, it takes time to treat these underlying emotional issues via therapy. If you remain in rehab for 1-2 weeks, it’s highly unlikely you will have made enough progress in therapy sessions to help you avoid relapse. If you return home prematurely, it’s likely that you will relapse, and this will mean you are back to square one.

Attending rehab for 28-days will allow you to build up the skill set that’s needed to face negative emotions without experiencing an uncontrollable design to use drugs and alcohol. Rehabs offer a safe and positive environment that’s free of bad influences and temptation to use drugs and alcohol. Your time in rehab is time well spent because literally, every aspect of your life will benefit from your recovery.

Can you please describe what takes place in a drug and alcohol rehab in Somerset?

Going to rehab is about as familiar as landing on Mars for the vast majority of people seeking addiction treatment. For this reason, we aim to describe the rehab process as simply and distinctly as possible.

Rehab is short for rehabilitation. Rehabilitation is about fixing something that’s broken, or more specifically, restoring something to its prior condition. In this case, rehabilitation about ceasing to take drugs and alcohol, and then building up the strength to avoid returning to drug and alcohol use in the future.

The act of ceasing to take drugs and alcohol is known as detox. Undergoing a detox is problematic due to withdrawal symptoms, and it’s vitally important for you to take specialist medication whilst you detox. To do otherwise could result in you suffering from fatal complications such as cardiac arrest or a stroke. This is the primary reason why you must never attempt to detox without medical assistance.

Further examples of withdrawal symptoms that may arise during alcohol detox include:

  • Cravings for alcohol
  • Sleeping problems
  • Tremors
  • Sweating
  • Joint pain
  • Visual and auditory disturbances/hallucinations
  • Anxiety and depression
  • Suicidal thoughts

Drug and alcohol rehab clinics in Somerset provide an enhanced level of medical attention during the detox process, meaning you will not experience any lethal medical complication.

A detox procedure will require around 7-days in order to complete. During this period, you will also be given vitamins, minerals and Vitamin B injections. Vitamin B injections are highly beneficial because drugs and alcohol deplete Vitamin B that’s needed for normal brain functioning.

The second aim of rehab is to prevent you from returning to drug and alcohol use once you have returned to your home. This aim is achieved through the use of therapy and counselling. You will receive counselling via group counselling sessions and individual therapy. You will also begin to learn about the 12 Steps. The 12 Steps is perhaps the oldest and most well-known abstinence model, and you are encouraged to embrace the 12-steps due to its popularity in the United Kingdom.

Succeeding in your recovery is vastly assisted by a large number of people who are willing to help. These people are also living in recovery, and one way they sustain their own recovery is by helping others who also wish to live by the principles of abstinence.

This is known as the ‘giver’s gain’ philosophy and this is itself based on the law of reciprocity. In the context of addiction recovery, people dedicate their time to helping others in their fellowship network rather than making their own needs their foremost concern. In carrying out these good deeds, others will naturally repay their kindness by helping them in return.

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