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Drug and Alcohol Rehab Treatment in Solihull

Drug and alcohol rehabs in Solihull offer detoxification and excellent treatment, combining practical 12-Step structures with the best of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), for reliance on or addiction to drugs and alcohol. Rehabs tailor a programme to your needs, listen to you and your loved ones if you wish and ensure that you begin a lifelong recovery free from addiction.

Rehabs in Solihull are experienced in dealing with the challenging and potentially scary prospect of coming into treatment. We will make you feel welcome, look after you, take care of you and support you throughout.

In parallel with support and care, rehabs will provide treatment, life skills and health and well-being services; the three strands of treatment at their centre. Treatment is second to none and a multidisciplinary highly qualified and trained counselling team have many years of experience between them.

Why go to rehab in Solihull?

Below, we outline some of the reasons why you should consider going to rehab in Solihull:

  • Rehabs listen to our clients. Following years of continuous research, evaluation combined with therapeutic and clinical excellence, this programme for private clients has a very high completion rate and the aim is life-long recovery for our clients.
  • Rehabs combine care, support and TLC with a rigorous, tried and tested therapeutic approach that provides clients with a practical toolkit for staying stopped that really works.
  • Rehabs can involve loved ones and family members in treatment if clients wish so that all can benefit, understand and support clients, post-treatment.
  • Rehabs medical team comprising two GP surgeries and staff and two on-site Client Health Advisors are all qualified and experienced in drug and alcohol-related conditions and are available at the centre to support your medical needs.
  • Clients are offered opportunities to explore other interests in leisure time but none of these is compulsory. They include; Art Therapy, Guided Relaxation Classes, Outward Bound Adventure Experiences, Life Music Class and visits to local places of interest and natural beauty.
  • Rehabs care for, listen to and value our staff as well as clients and the core staff team have been working together for many years. They bring a wealth of support and recovery knowledge to work every day.

The rehab programme’s overview

Treatment and service comprise three strands that, combined, lead to and support recovery and a life free from reliance on alcohol or drugs. Each is explained in turn below.

Therapeutic Treatment

Treatment features a combination of group and individual therapies with a named counsellor throughout. Counsellors will understand and support you, act as a mentor and guide and offer you the tools to make a difference in your life, combining 12 step structures in an applied and practical way with Cognitive Behavioural Therapy so that head and heart are supported. A very high ratio of counsellors to clients ensures that you get the time and support that you need.

Life skills

Life skills are often lost, forgotten or put on hold when people are in their darkest times. Rehabs offer workshops and seminars that assist you to understand yourself and your behaviour and that of others. Rehabs help clients to explore communication without anger, tolerance, acceptance, relapse triggers, selfishness, internal support, asking for help, building a support network and other tools for staying stopped whilst being a productive member of society.

Health & Wellbeing

Rehabs in Solihull know that sustained reliance on alcohol or drugs can take its toll on a client’s health. Often this goes unnoticed as alcohol and other substances tend to act as an anaesthetic. Going through detoxification and working to improve personal health can be challenging if tried alone and without proper medical support and observation. Qualified Client Health Advisors are professional, experienced, caring and approachable. They will support you, no matter how big or small the issue is and call upon GPs if needed. Rehabs will also speak to your GP so that they can get a really detailed handover when you come into treatment.

Facilities and accommodation

Treatment centres in Solihull are modern, friendly and filled with natural light. This reflects a positive atmosphere where recovery is contagious and support, care and warmth are abundant.

The accommodation offers mostly single occupancy bedrooms complete with sink, wardrobe, desk, chair and bedside table. Rehabs use a hotel style bed linen laundering service. Clients enjoy the use of a large and comfortable lounge, dining room and servery, private covered courtyard with designated smoking area and a large veranda with seating overseeing an extensive garden within the grounds.

Leisure activities offered include:

  • Weekly visits to places of interest or natural beauty
  • Weekly guided relaxation classes
  • Occasional live music
  • Art therapy
  • I.T and Computer classes
  • Garden sports and games
  • Monthly optional visits to our outdoor adventure partner

Getting help

How do you access this revolutionary addiction treatment in Solihull? The answer is simple. All you are requires to do is pick up your telephone and contact our team today on 0800 138 0722 or submit a message through this website. If you wish to gain additional literature on our treatments in Bristol, we shall be more than glad to furnish them.

Funding from private insurance

  • Axa
  • BCWA
  • Pru Health
  • Bupa
  • Cigna