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Drug and Alcohol Rehab in Sheffield

ADT Healthcare is a free helpline designed to assist people looking to seek suitable and effective drug and alcohol rehab treatment in Sheffield, South Yorkshire. ADT Healthcare essentially exists to signpost people to treatment that’s right for their needs and treatment that fits in with their schedule and lifestyle.

All our advisors are themselves in recovery. This means we understand the issues that you face whilst you seek out addiction treatment in Sheffield. We understand that admitting you need help is never easy. When you contact ADT Healthcare, we reassure you that you are not alone in your struggles and that we will support you every step in your recovery journey.

Can you locate treatments that are right for my needs?

Many people contacting us will be addicted to drugs or alcohol and thus require a detox and rehabilitation programme. ADT Healthcare maintains links with many residential rehab clinics in Sheffield that can fulfil your detox and rehabilitation requirements. These clinics are a mix of statutory and privately-run organisations. We endeavour to locate a treatment for you in Sheffield that’s right for your needs, affordable, and available immediately.

One of the key benefits of attending a private rehab in Sheffield is the speed at which your admission may take place. Statutory-funded rehabs typically subject applicants to a lengthy waiting list, often requiring you to wait up to 6-12 months until your application is processed. This unfortunate situation is predominately due to Central Government cuts that have affected addiction services over the last few years.

How do you determine my treatment needs?

Before we recommend rehab clinics in Sheffield, we first carry out an assessment so that we may determine your needs. We then go about matching up your needs to rehab clinics in Sheffield that we feel are best able to cater to these needs.

We recommend a variety of addiction treatments. These treatments include residential rehab clinics, outpatient treatments and private counsellors.

What happens during the detox process?

If you require a medically assisted detox, you will likely be restricted to undergoing detox at a residential rehab in Sheffield. Before you undergo a drug or alcohol detox, a psychiatrist will carry out an assessment before you are given medication designed to reduce withdrawal symptoms.

You will continue to take medication for around 5-7 days whilst your brain’s chemical constitution begins to stabilise to a drug and alcohol-free existence. Also, whilst you detox, you will be surrounded by medical professionals. These medical professionals will be on hand to react should your health deteriorate during the detoxification process.

Will rehabs address the mental aspect of addiction?

Recovering from addiction is not just about detoxification. Making a full recovery from your addiction will likely take well over a year, and you will need to actively work on your recovery for the rest of your life.

One of the major tasks whilst you remain in the rehab clinic is to address the mental causes of addiction. This is achieved by attending daily therapy sessions. Therapy sessions are intensive, and you should expect to attend therapy sessions daily in the morning, afternoon and evening each day whilst your residential treatment takes place.

Will I benefit from aftercare?

To promote long term recovery, drug and alcohol rehabs in Sheffield offer aftercare. Aftercare allows you to return to rehab on an outpatient basis. Attending aftercare is optional, but highly recommended. Those who commit to attending weekly aftercare sessions are much more likely to remain in recovery.

You will also be advised about attending local AA and NA meetings. These meetings take place in community centres and churches throughout the Sheffield area. NA and AA will also arrange for a sponsor or ‘sober companion’ to assist you during your early recovery.

How can I find out more?

To speak to an advisor at ADT Healthcare, contact us today on 0800 138 0722. At ADT Healthcare, we advise on addiction rehabilitation clinics across the Sheffield and the South Yorkshire region. We will be able to offer treatment options that are local to you.

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