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Drug & Alcohol Rehab in Plymouth

Addiction destroys lives. It takes everything of value from the person, and it causes pain for those who care for the individual trapped in this downward spiral. It can often feel like a hopeless situation for the substance abuser and their family. The individual may regularly make promises to quit and really mean it but when it comes to stopping they just can’t manage it. This can all mean that the individual becomes despondent as their self-efficacy decreases. It doesn’t have to be this way though because there is almost certainly a solution that will allow the person to break away from alcohol and drug abuse for good.

People Can Break Away from Addiction

It would be wrong to say that giving up an addiction is easy – no major change in life is ever going to be easy and substance abuse involves physical as well as psychological dependence. What is true is that breaking away from addiction is entirely manageable, and those who managed to do it are grateful for having put in the effort. This is a second chance in life, and the individual will have the opportunity to completely turn things around.

Any initial discomfort will be easily tolerated so long as the person keeps the future benefits in mind. Escape is possible, and it is unlikely to be beyond the grasp of anyone no matter how much they feel dependent on drugs. There are always resources available to make the process easier, and these resources will be available in Plymouth just as they are in other parts of the UK.

The Importance of Hitting Rock Bottom

When people hear that hitting rock bottom can be the first step to ending an addiction they can get the wrong idea. This is because people mistakenly equate hitting rock bottom with losing everything. This is simply not the case. The reality with rock bottom is that it only means that the individual has reached a point when they are really ready to change.

Some people will lose very little before they reach this point while others end up losing much more. The situation is often compared to a descending lift in a building – it is up to the individual to decide where they want to get off. The main thing is that they have reached a point where they are fully willing to do whatever it takes to become sober.

Once the person has reached a point where they’ve had enough it means that change is not possible. The person will have the motivation to quit and to then maintain their sobriety. The person will be willing to do whatever it takes to become sober and in many cases, this will mean entering some type of drug or alcohol rehab.

This is the place where the individual can put their full attention on getting better, and they will be surrounded by the resources they need. The fact that the person is determined to get sober means that they will be willing to make the best use of the help they are offered.

Ending an Addiction in Plymouth

The resources that the person needs to break away from addiction will be available to anyone living in Plymouth. Sometimes they may benefit from attending a rehab outside the county, but they will be able to begin the process of escaping addiction without going too far. For many people, the first step they will make is to contact their local GP. This physician may not be able to help directly but they can refer the person onto the people who can help them. Another resource that is worth considering in the early days would be recovery fellowships.

Resistant to Alcohol and Drug Rehab

In many instances, the best option for people dealing with addiction in Plymouth will be for them to enter some type of rehab facility. Here they will get the support and resources they need in order to break away from addiction for good. The problem is though that most substance abusers will feel resistant to this proposal, and they will continue to insist that they can quit their addiction without such an intervention.

There is an old saying that sums up the situation very well – if you keep on doing the same things, you will keep on getting the same results. In order words, it may be best that the individual tries a different approach this time and rehab may be the answer here.

The usual reasons for why people will feel resistant to rehab can include:

  • The person may be worried that entering this facility will harm their reputation in some way. The reality is though, that it is their alcohol and drug abuse that is most likely to damage their reputation
  • The individual may have financial concerns about investing in a private rehab. These concerns do not usually hold up to much scrutiny once people understand that going to rehab is an investment in their future that is likely to return huge dividends. The amount of money that people will spend on alcohol or drugs will usually easy cover the price of rehab within a few months – possibly even a luxury rehab
  • Another reason why people will resist going to rehab is that they just don’t have the time. The reality is that if the person does not make the time they could end up losing everything. It is understandable that people have responsibilities, but there will usually be options that will allow the person to go to rehab. For example, mothers who are worried about their children may be allowed to take them with them – there are a small number of rehabs that allow this
  • Probably the most common reason for why people feel resistant about going to rehab is that they are not serious about ending their addiction. They will have an endless list of excuses because they are just not serious about ending the substance abuse

AA and NA Meetings in Plymouth

A good option for people in Plymouth who are trying to break away from addiction is Alcoholics Anonymous or Narcotics Anonymous meetings. The individual may attend these while still in rehab or they can be part of their aftercare program.

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