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Drug and Alcohol Rehab Treatment in Norfolk

Addiction is a progressive disorder that inflicts hardship on both yourself and your loved ones. Thankfully, if you live in Norfolk, you will be glad to hear that the area is well-served by many effective yet affordable drug and alcohol rehab clinics.

It’s highly likely that you began using drugs and alcohol to alleviate your problems. These problems often include mental health problems such as anxiety and depression. All rehab clinics we recommend in Norfolk offer evidenced-based treatment that seeks to alleviate these underlying mental issues. This approach to treatment gives you the skill set you need to maintain long-term abstinence.

Rehabs in Norfolk offer you and your family members a structured approach to therapy to ensure the damage inflicted by your addiction is entirely reversed. Therapy sessions include both group therapy and individual therapy. Family therapy sessions often take the form of group therapy sessions, although each family member affected by your addiction will also be offered one-to-one counselling sessions.

Rehabs in Norfolk also offer educational workshops. You will begin to discover the reasons why you use drugs or drink alcohol during these workshops and therapy sessions. For instance, many people unconsciously use drugs or drink alcohol in order to mask emotional difficulties. This is known as ‘self-medicating’ with substances. Becoming consciously aware of these reasons allows you to tackle emotional problems in ways that do not involve substance misuse.

In 95% of cases, simply ceasing to take drugs or alcohol is rarely enough to remain in recovery. Instead, you must build the emotional strength to tackle negative emotions in effective yet healthier ways. This is why it’s essential to undertake a 28-day rehab programme that involves structured therapy sessions.

When you contact ADT Healthcare, our advisors will ensure you begin a treatment programme that offers therapy that’s absolutely tailored to your precise needs, thus ensuring your recovery is given the best possible start.

The dis-ease of addiction

For many years, addiction was considered to be a choice and thus a sort of moral failing on behalf of those who developed an addiction. However, the notion that addiction is a choice has been constantly challenged by the medical community who instead prefer to regard addiction as a disease.

In fact, addiction is a neurological and progressive disease of the mind. All rehab clinics we recommend prescribe to this disease theory of addiction. Rehabs believe addiction must be treated in a similar vein to how physical diseases are treated. Thus, when you attend a drug or alcohol rehab in Norfolk, you will benefit from many evidence-based treatments that are proven to tackle the disease of addiction.

How many days will rehab last for?

The absolute minimum amount of time many rehabs will require is 10 days. During these 10 days, you will typically undergo detox and attend an abbreviated therapy programme. For maximum effectiveness, you will need to commit around 28 days to ensure the mental causes of addiction are thoroughly tackled. Therapy helps to alleviate the mental causes of addiction and to also arm you with the toolkit you will need to help you remain in recovery once you have left the rehab clinic’s care.

How could you describe the rehab experience in Norfolk?

Rehabs we recommend in Norfolk have created an environment that’s designed to allow your recovery to flourish. All staff members are utterly non-judgemental, and many of these people are also living in recovery themselves.

All rehabs we recommend offer group therapy sessions. This means you will begin benefiting from peer learning. You will also forge lasting and meaningful relationships with others who are also embarking on the recovery journey.

What happens when I first enter a rehab clinic in Norfolk?

Upon arrival, you will be fully assessed by a doctor. This doctor will assess your physical and mental health and prescribe medication that’s needed to reduce withdrawal symptoms. This process is the beginning of your clinical detox treatment.

Rehab clinics in Norfolk provide 24-hour medical assistance during your detox treatment. Detoxing off drugs such as alcohol are dangerous, and potentially life-threatening. The medication and medical assistance you will receive during your detox entirely eliminate health risks that arise when detox is carried out.

Some symptoms you may experience during detox include aching joints, visual disturbances, insomnia, cravings for your drug of choice and mood irritability. All of these withdrawal symptoms are highly discomforting, and you will thus appreciate the medications you will be given that help to eliminate these symptoms.

A typical detox requires around 8-10 days in order to complete. After the detox is complete, you will begin to transition into the therapeutic portion of your rehab treatment programme.

What happens during the therapeutic portion of rehab treatment?

Once the medical staff are satisfied that your detox is sufficiently completed, you will begin to attend individual therapy and group therapy sessions. You will also attend holistic therapy sessions. Generally, therapy helps you to better understand the reasons why you are resorting to taking drugs and alcohol. You will also be given the cognitive tools and techniques that help you avoid relapse.

All rehabs we work within Norfolk offer a blended approach to therapy. This means a wide variety of techniques are employed to help you overcome your addiction and maintain your recovery. This approach is often termed a ‘holistic approach’.

Rehabs also introduce you to the 12-step programme. This programme forms the core teachings of support groups such as Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous that are very popular in most regions of the UK, including Norfolk.

You will also be assigned to a key worker. This person will help to ensure your recovery goals are being met. This person will also conduct a review with you at the end of each treatment milestone.

What happens when it’s time to go home?

Whilst you may have spent 28 days in a rehab clinic, the harsh reality is that it takes a lifetime to maintain your recovery. Maintaining your recovery is undoubtedly the most challenging during the first 12 months. During this time, you are generally most likely to relapse.

To ensure you are assisted through the first 12-months of your recovery, all rehab clinics we recommend in Norfolk offer structured aftercare sessions and a relapse prevention hotline. Aftercare sessions consist of group and individual therapy sessions, and you will attend these sessions at least once a week.

How to access rehab in Norfolk?

If you are ready to discover more information about rehab clinics in Norfolk, contact ADT Healthcare today on 0800 138 0722. We maintain a partnership with rehab clinics throughout the Norfolk area, including Norwich, Thetford, King’s Lynn, Great Yarmouth, East Dereham, Dereham, Taverham and Hunstanton.

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