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Drug and Alcohol Rehab Treatment in Mauritius

Our partner drug and alcohol rehab clinic is located in a rural area of Mauritius that’s well away from tourist hotspots. The primary objective of the clinic is to provide effective drug and alcohol treatment protocols, which work.

The rehab clinic has been developed and motivated to provide excellent and affordable treatment, managed by a team of professionals who are dedicated to the successful recovery of residents. The rehab clinic employs a staff of 34 caregivers, all with extensive expertise and experience in their respective fields.

The rehab clinic is strategically positioned to ensure the therapeutic and outdoor environment needed during the rehabilitation process.

What makes this clinic special?

The staff is experienced in all facets of addiction and recovery. Coupled with absolute staff commitment and dedication, as well as outstanding treatment protocols, the pool of combined skills and resources allow for a success rate of 80% of those who complete the programme. The counselling team of 11 is made up of addiction counsellors, psychological counsellors and social workers.

The quiet and secluded location in Mauritius and facilities available on-site provide for an excellent, well-rounded treatment process ensuring comprehensive rehabilitation physically, emotionally and spiritually.

Program Overview

The minimum treatment period is 28 days as we believe that less time than this has limited effectiveness and sustainability. It is only by structuring individual programmes, using tried and tested methodology, coupled with absolute staff involvement and commitment that sustainable recovery can be achieved.

Numerous, specific, individualised and specialised programme formats are incorporated within the structuring of a personalised programme to ensure an optimal course of therapy and successful outcome for each individual resident.

As each drug has its own idiosyncrasies, craving cycles and effect, the drug of choice is factored into the individualised programme.

Program format, amongst others, include:

  • Narcotics Anonymous 12 steps
  • Spiritual 12 steps
  • Individual counselling
  • Group therapy
  • Drug of choice groups
  • Culture groups
  • Goal setting groups
  • Topic groups
  • Powerless and damage groups

Facilities at the clinic

The location of any treatment centre is an important facet of the recovery process, and this clinic is situated in a rural area near a secluded beach, providing a safe and drug-free environment.

It is situated far from the cities and any high-risk areas, providing a safe environment that greatly removes temptation and distraction in the early stages of recovery and later re-integration. The environment and climate are conducive to rehabilitation, in that another facet of our programme format is addressing physical recovery.

Female and male housing are separate, and both areas have their own swimming pool, kitchen and gardens. The clinic also runs a halfway house facility to assist in successful re-integration and practical application of recovery knowledge.


This clinic is committed to the physical, mental and spiritual wellbeing of patients. A programme is an integrated approach but fundamentally a spiritual one as the research shows this to be a core component in long term recovery.

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