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Drug & Alcohol Rehab in Manchester

Do you or your loved one suffer from an addiction to drugs or alcohol? Are you unsure where to turn? Fortunately, ADT Healthcare offers alcohol rehabilitation and detoxification services in Manchester that are clinically proven to defeat your addiction and ensure your wellbeing is restored to its pre-addiction level. If you are curious to learn more, we encourage you to continue reading.

Why addiction arises in the first place

At ADT Healthcare, we help you understand addiction and how you can heal from it. Addiction is essentially experienced by people who are sensitive to discord. They may have difficulty putting up with discord and negative vibrations in their life. With addiction and when you are sensitive to discord, you do not realise that you can control your own thoughts and associated emotions.

You may try to control your thoughts and emotions through trial and error, but you eventually discover substances that creates alignment for you. In other words, the substance helps you sooth emotions and thoughts that cause discord in your life.

Addiction: unhealthy relief from life problems

Whether addiction causes the release from anxiety and depression or helps you move towards calmness, addiction is always really about relief. This relief is stimulated by addictive activities or substances. Thus, your motives for being addicted to certain substances begin with good intentions since every person in this life desires alignment and to experience this sensation we call relief. The fact that addiction causes many problems for the sufferer does not discount the fact that addiction is capable of providing relief.

The truth is, we all wish to feel good and to experience calm and relief. The problem with addiction is that it becomes an escape. An addiction soon becomes the only way you believe you are able to achieve alignment and relief in life. Addiction even tricks your body into thinking this is the case. Whatever type of addiction we treat, our patients are all addicted to the sensation of relief. It doesn’t matter if you are ‘using’ cocaine, porn, exercise or alcohol. It’s the same addiction no matter what the stimuli that are involved i.e. an addiction to the sensation of relief.

The upside to being addicted

Drugs and alcohol appear to satisfy our needs and wants. We feel it fair to say that people suffering from an addiction to drugs or alcohol subconsciously or consciously enjoy being addicted to drugs or alcohol, or at least hold an ambivalent position towards their addiction. This position holds true even in the face of the damage the addiction inflicts on the person’s lifestyle.

For instance, if you drink alcohol, you may experience a sense of belonging, a sense of freedom and a sense of empowerment. However, these good feelings delivered by your addiction are surely a temporary illusion at best. Eventually, the toll brought on by your addiction is too great to bear and the need to establish other methods of achieving happiness arise.

Why turn to ADT Healthcare?

At ADT Healthcare, our role as counsellors and therapists in Manchester is to help you create a world around you that leads to natural satisfaction and relief from every day tensions without resorting to drug or alcohol abuse. This new reality will make it easier for you to choose more effective behaviours.

In psychology terminology, this is known as changing and expanding your ‘quality world’ or ‘picture album’. By expanding your quality world you discover new activities that provide you with relief and happiness from life’s stresses and pains. This gives you the power to defeat your addiction once and for all.

When you attend our residential rehabilitation clinic in Manchester, our therapists work diligently to ensure you rediscover new pleasure centres that do not involve drug or alcohol use. We assist you in uncovering negative beliefs that fuel your addiction and slow down your recovery. By the time you have completed your recovery programme, you will be able to control your emotions without resorting to drug or alcohol use.

Getting help now

To access ADT Healthcare’s revolutionary alcohol and alcohol treatment in Manchester, contact our admissions team today without delay on 0800 088 66 86. Alternatively, contact us through this website. We offer a range of detox and rehab options in Manchester to suit most addictions and mental health issues.

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